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New Hope Children is the Perfect Charity for International Youth Day

On 17 December 1999, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, that August 12th be declared International Youth Day. The intention of International Youth Day is to encourage engagement and participation of the youth, since children are essential to achieving sustainable human development. Yet, so often the opportunities for youth worldwide to engage politically, economically and socially are low or non-existent. This is why the New Hope Children charity is the perfect charity to highlight this International Youth Day.



“We believe education is a key component of alleviating poverty long-term; we also believe these vulnerable youth deserve a fighting chance, hope for their future, and a way to be part of the bigger picture of pulling their community out of poverty.”

– RJ Swanson, Founder of New Hope Children


New Hope Children rescues impoverished and abused youth from the landfills and streets in Kenya, but they don’t stop there. New Hope Children also provides these rescued children with education, counseling, food, shelter, and medical needs. It is their mission to restore children’s lives, while assisting them in becoming healthy, productive, contributing members of their society.



In 2009, during a poverty relief trip to Lodwar, Kenya, one of the world’s most impoverished areas, founder RJ Swanson saw children living in landfills firsthand. Within three months, the first 14 children were rescued out of the landfill and brought into a new life with new hope, and on that night in December, New Hope Children was born. Food, baths, clothes, mats and sheets were provided that first day as the children settled into their new home, which was a converted storeroom of a local church. It wasn’t long before more children were rescued; each being tokened “New Hope Heroes.”


“…Thank you for [rescuing] me. I was hungry, you gave me food, I was in rags, you gave me clothes, I was in the street, you took me to school, I was dirty, now am clean. God bless you so much. Yours in Kenya, Paul”

– Paul, one of our New Hope Heroes


Even at a young age these children understand the importance of education in life, but many children can’t afford the $7 school uniform or supplies, and therefore simply can’t attend school. New Hope Children has made education a priority, encouraging each child to take their education as far as they want it to go. These children never take their education for granted, and many have exceeded the expectations of their professors.


“Education is key of life.”

–  Benson, one of the New Hope Heroes.



New Hope Children began to outgrow their humble beginnings in the church storeroom.  A new hope was born to create a sustainable safe house and resource center for homeless youth in the area. In 2012 New Hope was able to purchase five expansive acres, and by August 2014, the New Hope Center opened its doors.



“Already named “The New Hope Centre” our children have added the phrase “of Love and Hope”. […] The children receive three local style meals a day, are required to go to school, receive counseling, medical care, encouragement, guidance and love.”

– RJ Swanson, Founder of New Hope Children



On Wednesday, June 20th, IMT Residential was proud to be one of the sponsors for the Bowl for Hope fundraising event. With bowling, food, and celebrity hosts, Season 5 Winners of The Amazing Race, Chip and Kim McAllister, this fundraising event did not fail in delivering generous donations, raising $6,000! However, what was most important was that due to two new monthly supporters gained from that night, 2 ½ years old, Swena ChiChi, was rescued. You can read Swena’s story here.  





New Hope Children is currently seeking donations and grants to complete a five-year self-sustaining plan for the Center. The plan includes several forma of income generating businesses and activities that will help the center raise its own funds allowing self-sustainability. But, for short term goals, it only costs $4 a day to support a child completely, so any amount helps.  To make a donation to New Hope Children, click here.



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