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How to Host The Best Cinco De Derby Party

Horse races and mint juleps are just a few staples that you need to include in a Kentucky Derby party but this year, it also falls on Cinco De Mayo, making the day unofficially Cinco de Derby. Luckily, we have innovative ideas that will make your Cinco de Derby party the best one yet with a combined style of Mexican fiesta and southern garden party. 



Create Colorful Decor

Mix the southern garden-party style with that of Mexico’s bright color palette. Go for these Meyer lemon paper plates from Martha Stewart to serve food to your guests. Then add signature Kentucky Derby roses to your apartment home- go for an orange, peach, light pink or white color to match your theme. Next, hang up these gorgeous Mexican paper flag banners to bring more color to your party. 



Have a Variety of Classic Beverage Options

Get ready to muddle some mint in this classic bourbon-based cocktail staple to for your Kentucky Derby party. A simple cocktail to create- just mix bourbon, sugar, ice, sprigs of min and stir. Add tequila to the mix for Cinco de Mayo with this Paloma recipe that is a mix of tequila with a refreshing taste along with the classic margarita. 


Enforce a Dress Code

Have your guests dress for the Kentucky Derby for some added entertainment. Ladies can come in their craziest hats and bright spring sundresses while gentlemen can wear all the seersucker prints and bowties their hearts desire. 



Pass the Tacos, Please

Tacos are perfect for your Cinco de Derby party because they are portable and come in small portions. That way, your guests can choose as many or few as they want. For more inspiration, you can check out these traditional Mexican cuisine recipes here



Serve Some Southern Fare

Serve up some southern hospitality with mini apple pie bites or a bourbon blueberry cobbler for dessert. Bite-sized chicken fried steak bites or mini cornbread muffins also make a great addition to your snack table



Place Your Bets

Get your guests to place bets on their winning horse for the Kentucky Derby as a fun party game. Watch the race and if they do win, gift them with a bottle of bourbon, tequila or a bouquet of roses just like the winning jockey and horse. 



There are so many ways you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, so check out our Pinterest for more ideas. 



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