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Ten Must-Try Summer Activities in City Park Denver

Spend your summer days at City Park Denver, the 330-acre park, with these ten activities bound to make the most exciting and adventurous month yet. Built in 1880, the park is one of the oldest public spaces in Denver and remains a huge part of the city’s epicenter with the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Science and Nature within its boundaries. Get ready to expand your activities list and spend the rest of summer 2017 outside with one of these activities found right in City Park.


1. Explore the Denver Zoo: Spend the day at the zoo with one of its 16 exhibits. Animals from the Green Tree Python to the Clouded Leopard and Silverback Gorilla can currently be found here. Kids and adults can enter the Zookeeper Zone for a hands-on experience about the science and methods behind taking care of the Denver Zoo’s animals. Tickets are $17 for adults and $12 for children 11 and under.



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2. Visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Keep the quest for knowledge alive in summer with the museum’s exclusive summer exhibitions at City Park Denver. At Vikings: Beyond the Legend, guests can learn about Viking legends and Scandinavian culture through artifacts such as replica boats and metal casted helmets. Nature’s Amazing Machines shows guests how every animal has adapted and survived based on their natural traits such as wings and claws. 



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3. Go For a Boat or Bike Ride: Rent a kayak, pedal boat or a bike from Wheel Fun Rentals for some real fun with the family. Take the bike for a spin around the whole park or peddle your way around Ferril Lake for the afternoon. You can find Wheel Fun Rentals right on the lake near City Park Pavilion to start your day of fun in the sun. To make a full day out of a bike ride, stop at the park’s monuments and entertainment destinations for a quick break. Make sure to bring or pull over to enjoy a tasty treat with the kids as the family takes in the outdoor scenery as you make your way around the park. 



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4. Circumnavigate the Park on a Run: The entire square of the park is just over three miles but there are numerous inner paths to choose from to expand your run time in City Park Denver. You won’t get bored with the picturesque scenery and Denver skyline in view. Great for interval training, you can divide the rectangular park into a recovery and stamina-building pace. If you aren’t sure where you want to go on your jog through the park, map your run before you go. 


DENVER, CO - MARCH 11:  A runner takes advantage of the the unseasonably warm spring like weather for a run at City Park in Denver, CO on March 11, 2015. (Photo By Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

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5. Par the City Park Golf Course: Practice on the range with the Denver skyline as your backdrop from sunrise to sunset every day. Hit the 18-hole course with a group of friends for $39 on weekends or $27 weekdays. Residents can have their own slice of heaven on the course without leaving the city. Hurry up and play this summer before the course closes from 2017-2019 for its much-anticipated redesign.



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6. Summer Concert Series: Breathe in some jazz at the City Park Bandstand and Pavilion every Sunday. Perfect for date night, the jazz series is free for all and goes from 6-8 p.m. Dance the summer night away or relax and listen to the music on your own picnic blanket with friends or family. 



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7. Paint or Draw En Plein Air: Take advantage of the good weather and your creative skills to paint outside. With so many landscapes and subjects to choose from, you are bound to be a pro at shading and contouring by the time winter hits. Take inspiration from the park itself, the Denver skyline or Ferril Lake for your first painting or sketch. If you don’t know how to paint but have the interest to learn, try a class before striking out on your own in the surrounding area. 



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8. Work on Your Backspin on the Tennis Court: Rally with friends one of the 14 lit, public tennis courts at City Park. If you don’t have someone to play with, not to worry, there are other local players available to engage with and leagues to join. Grab a bunch of friends and make tennis a weekly staple on a weeknight after work for some extra exercise and outdoor time. 



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9. Play at the Playground With The Kids: Let the kids swing, slide and have fun at the playground on a Saturday afternoon and engage their imagination. It’s the perfect place to let them run around and explore with their friends. Make the playground a stop while exploring the rest of City Park Denver with the kids on the weekend for playtime and learning. 



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10. Plan a Picnic: Instead of going out for lunch, pack a picnic and enjoy the summer sun with family or friends. Turn the outing into a potluck with your friends and family or set up your picnic near the barbecue area to prepare your meal on the spot. Switch up date night or a night out with friends with this activity that allows you to eat outside and challenge your weekly routine. 





What’s your favorite activity in City Park Denver? Comment below so we can try it for ourselves.


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