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Ten IKEA Products to Maximize Your Apartment Home Storage

Maximize your apartment home storage with these 10 IKEA products that will create usable spaces and declutter your home. Our short list will give you versatile ideas and tricks that will leave you with more space in every corner of your home with a fresh look. 





1. Sunnersta Cart

Price: $29.99

The Sunnersta cart can be used to open up your kitchen space a traditional bar cart or extra kitchen storage. The utility cart can also be used as a creative bedside table or be used in a bathroom for more storage. Wheel the cart around and change your space’s layout with a fresh look or keep it in one place, it’s up to you. 





2. Kuggis Insert

Price: $6.99

Use the Kuggis insert to upgrade your bedroom, desk or kitchen storage. With eight sections, the storage unit helps you compartmentalize all your items and easily find what you need. 




3. Stall Shoe Cabinet 

Price: $89.00

Shoes take up a ton of space in your closet. Maximize your apartment home storage with this narrow shoe organizer that can fit at least eight pairs of shoes. Now, your closet and room will have more room to fit other items and keep your room feeling fresh.




4. Kallax Shelf Unit

Price: $34- $109

From a four to sixteen unit shelf, the Kallax creates unique opportunities to combine storage & home accessories. Purchase boxes, baskets or even Kallax drawers to make this shelf truly your own. The shelf can be used as a traditional shelf or be used as living and bedroom separator in a studio apartment home. 





5. Brimnes Headboard

Price: $130 

Invest in a headboard the combines storage with a clean bedroom decor look. The Brimnes headboard is ideal for those who want easy to reach items like books or glasses without the need for a bedside table. The headboard shelves are adjustable and come with holes equipped for phone chargers or lamps.




6. Immeln Series

Price: $5.99- $14.99

The Immeln series will give you the most space for your bathroom storage with the use of strong suction or hook options. Use the shower basket hook to store all of your shampoos, conditioners and shower essentials all in one convenient place.





7. Lack Wall Unit 

Price: $49.99

The Lack wall unit can be used as a traditional bookcase or can create unique closet, desk or kitchen storage spaces by changing the orientation of the product.




8. Drona Box

Price: $4.99

The Drona box can fit into the Kallax shelf unit or upgrade your closet to store sweaters with the easy handles. Made of fabric, the boxes can add texture to your apartment home decor, wherever you place them.





9. Ikea 365 + Food Jars

Price: $3.99

Contain all of your dry ingredients in your pantry with Ikea 365+ food jars. The transparent look allows you to see what item you need and makes every container easy to label and further your apartment home storage. 





10. Godmorgan Box  Set

Price: $14.99

The ultimate bathroom storage item, the Godmorgan box set can help you organize all your makeup and bathroom products within your drawers. With a set of five boxes and lids, you can customize each drawer, depending on the depth. 




These 10 IKEA products are great to free up space in your apartment home. No matter where you live, there are tons of ways you can organize your home with easy tricks and items. Check our apartment organization tips board on Pinterest for more ways to maximize your apartment home storage today. 


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