St. Patrick’s Day: Four Ways To Celebrate You’ve Never Thought Of

St. Patrick’s Day is here and we’ve come up with unique ways to celebrate, so you don’t have to. March 17th was originally known around the globe as the religious Feast of Saint Patrick, honoring the patron saint or Ireland. Today, everyone celebrates Irish culture with green outfits and beer, festivals and parades. Think out-of-the-box this year and try something new like one of our four suggestions below for a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition. 




Perfect for those who grew up in the 90s, host a bunch of friends at your place and stream the classic Disney Channel Original Movie “The Luck of the Irish” on Amazon Video, YouTube or Google Play. Ask everyone to come dressed as their 90s self or in basketball jersey and Leprechaun ears, just like the movie. Make a few themed dishes and drinks aligned with the movie’s theme and, poof, an awesome party is formed.





People always go to Irish bars for green beer or a pint of Guinness, but how about a homemade Irish beer tasting? Go to Bevmo!, Total Wine or a specialty liquor store and pick up a variety of Irish-style beers and do a sampling of your own. That way, there’s no need for green dyed beer or crowds and you can taste a variety of Irish beers. Not into beer? That’s OK, there are plenty of other Irish-style cocktails to sample. Become your own mixologist and impress your friends and family with your new skills.




For those who are athletic, try Gaelic football—it’s a combination of soccer, rugby and basketball. Find an open field, a willing group of 30 people and get a game going. The aim is to get the ball through or over the goals. Players can use their arms and legs because the sport combines the quick skills of soccer, scoring ability of basketball and the roughness of rugby. Look online for official rules and videos to learn how to play and see how scoring works.





For a more traditional route, seek out new knowledge and learn more about the Irish culture. Scout out an Irish céilí dance or cooking class. If you’re a knitter, you can even learn how to knit in the Aran style in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. If you don’t want to acquire a new skill, go listen to a traditional Irish musician or read a book by an Irish author. There is no shortage of Irish heritage you can encounter, the possibilities are endless. 



Whether you want to go the traditional or Americanized route, there are so many ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this year. The main idea is to have fun with friends and family and celebrate Irish culture, so go experience something unique this year, you may even end up with a new Irish skill or a staple way to celebrate  St. Paddy’s Day from now on.


  1. Great ideas! We are celebrating with a few good friends and neighbors right here at Imt Boot Ranch. Rubens instead of traditional corned beef and cabbage.

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