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Six Mother’s Day DIY Gifts For Mom

Moms deserve all the recognition in the world for their year-round hard work, so take this as an opportunity to shower your mom and grandmother with our Mother’s Day DIY gifts to show them how much you appreciate them. If you are celebrating with your mom or simply loving the mothers in your life, treat them to a fabulous and love-filled Mother’s Day weekend. 



1. Serve up a Mother’s Day Meal

Nothing says, “I appreciate you, Mom” like a homemade meal in honor of your mother. Take the weekend to make a menu and shopping list so you are ready to go on Sunday. Your dinner doesn’t have to be extravagant because it’s the action that matters. Choose from easy dinners like these and pair with your mom’s favorite wine and you will be good to go. 



2. Arrange Your Own Bouquet 

Rather than go to a florist, take the time to make this Mother’s Day DIY gift yourself. Hand select your mom’s favorite flowers in her preferred colors, purchase a vase and get to arranging– you can even add a matching ribbon for extra flair. Mom will appreciate the gorgeous arrangement that will warm her home and her heart with the time it took you to create. 



3. Make A Green Tea & Rose Sugar Scrub

Give your mom the gift of this luxurious body scrub that only take mere minutes to make. All you need is white sugar, coconut oil, green tea bags, dried rose petals and rose essential oil to make this Mother’s Day DIY item. The green tea provides antioxidants for the skin while the sugar exfoliates and the coconut and rose oil hydrate the skin for a perfect combination.



4. Design A Sentimental Scrapbook

A picture is worth a thousand words, and an entire booklet of images will mean so much more to your mom. Put together a scrapbook of your favorite pictures and memories with your mom and present it to her on Sunday. It’s a sure way to make your mom emotional and appreciative of all the memories you have enjoyed together. Print your photos and head to your favorite craft supply store to get all your scrapbook essentials.



5. Create Crafts From The Kids 

Moms love when their little ones make any kind of craft item at elementary school. Try making these craft items from paper flowers to paper cards with the kids for Mother’s Day. She will love the gesture from the kids and can proudly display their artwork for years to come.



6. Gift A DIY Herb Garden 

If your mom or grandmother is a frequent cooker or has a green thumb, this portable herb garden is the perfect gift for her. Pick from herbs like basil, oregano, thyme or mint and place in soil-filled mason jars. Pick out a decorative rack or wooden box shelf to put the jars in and wrap a bow around it to make this DIY Mother’s Day gift complete. 



Want more Mother’s Day DIY ideas? Head to our IMT Residential Pinterest to check out everything from recipes to decorations that can help make your Mother’s Day weekend memorable for mom. 



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