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Royal Recipes Fit for Her Majesty & The Crown Season Two Premiere

The Crown season two starts streaming on December 8th and we have a few royal recipes to enjoy all day in honor of Her Majesty and Netflix show’s premiere. Season two explores Queen Elizabeth’s reign during the early 1960s, her tumultuous relationship with Prince Phillip, and their family life. Channel Queen Elizabeth herself in this drama-filled series by simply sipping on tea or enjoying one of her favorite royal recipes. You too can feel like royalty and can make these dishes favored by the Queen and enhance your viewing of The Crown




Earl Grey Tea:

To start her day off right, the Queen likes to drink earl grey tea with a dash of milk every morning accompanied with biscuits. Depending on her mood, she likes to have Special K cereal, toast with marmalade with her tea.




Drop Scones:

A synonym for mini pancakes, these drop scones are one of the Queen’s royal recipes from the 60s and a favorite for afternoon tea. Not to fear, the recipe is very similar to American pancakes where you can add butter or syrup for your enjoyment. If you want to be extra British- try spreading jam on the drop scones. 




Grilled Protein with Veggies & Fruit

For lunch, the Queen typically has grilled fish or poultry with veggies. According to her chef, Her Majesty loves seasonal and fresh vegetables, salads and fruits. She is not a fan of starches and eats small portions throughout the day.  




Gin with Dubbonet

The Queen often has this beverage just before the afternoon begins but you can enjoy it tonight while streaming The Crown. Dubonnet is a wine-based aperitif beverage that the Queen mixes with gin, a slice of lemon and ice. If you want your beverage to match the Queen’s royal recipe, her gin of choice is Gordon’s London Dry Gin.




Chocolate Biscuit Cake: There is no food that Queen Elizabeth loves the most than chocolate- especially chocolate biscuit cake. The Queen could eat a slice of this every single day. Although this recipe is more challenging, you can bake it with the official recipe of the palace’s chef.




If you want to continue to eat like the Queen of England, you can purchase The Royal Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace to learn more about the Queen’s royal recipes, tablescapes and history.  You can also check out our Pinterest page with more of Her Majesty’s favorites. 



Have you tried one of Her Majesty’s favorite food or beverage items? Comment below to share with us!



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