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IMT Sorrento Valley Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On December 21, 2017

IMT Sorrento valley is probably one of the best communities that I have lived in. Management is extremely attentive and responsive towards tenants. Adam, Antonietta are some of the people, that I have talked to often and they are very helpful. Most of my maintenance requests were completed within 24 hours time. Their pools are well maintained. They invest enough time and money maintaining and upgrading the outdoors. I will recommend IMT over all the other apartments on the Mira Mesa Blvd. Some of the leasing consultants live onsite. If you are reading this review and considering IMT to be your next home, JUST DO IT! Overall, I would give them a 5/5 rating. Professional, courteous and helpful management folks.

On October 10, 2017

The staff at IMT are great! Whenever I've had any issues, they've been very friendly and always have answered them in a timely manner. The maintenance staff does exceptional work and service on the minor issues that I've had (normal maintenance issues) been quick and I've never had to have them come back to fix the same thing repeatedly like I have at other places, which is fantastic! Antoinetta Torres was the lady who did my tour of the place, and she has been wonderful every step of the way! I highly recommend these apartments to anyone considering a quality apartment to call home!

On October 10, 2017

They have a great friendly staff and the property is very quiet and beautiful.

On October 2, 2017

Beautiful Property! Great Staff!

On September 23, 2017

Love this property. Great location, and great manager!

On September 21, 2017

Good apartments, a little dated but a good location, staff is friendly and maintenance always responds within two days bunch of pools and grills to use so it's never to crowded.

On September 10, 2017

I lived there for one year and was very glad to leave this place as it was very noisy. If you neighbor just walks upstairs you will wake up. Also, a lot of pests.

Hello Chirag, We are sorry to hear that your living experience was negatively affected by neighbors and pests. We have various policies and procedures in place in order to handle such issues when they are brought to our attention. We ask that all our residents reach out to us for any concern they might have so that we can properly address them. We have a great staff that is willing to assist all residents with any concerns. If you have any questions please reach out to our leasing office at

On September 2, 2017

Excellent and safe location

On August 23, 2017

I have been living here for three years. I am really happy with all the improvements made since the new company has taken over. Adam in the office is great. I locked myself out of my apartment. He happened to be working late in the office and came over to help me get in. I really appreciated his great customer service. He was there when I really needed assistance. Chris in maintenance is wonderful as well. Always pleasant and working hard to help the residents. I don't know all the other names but I have never had a bad experience with anyone who works for IMT.

On August 22, 2017

The staff here are awesome!!! Excellent customer service!! The apartment homes are so beautiful!! Apartments are the perfect size for my family. Huge patios in all of Sorrento Valley/ Mira Mesa.

On August 21, 2017

The property might look nice but the buildings are over 40 years old with original plumbing that is clogged and breaks regularly. Mold and fungi grow out of the carpet. Yes. Mushrooms where sprouting in the living room. The appliances were old and broken. Two of my four burners on the stove worked. They hit you any and all fees upon move out as a money grab. The staff in the office are some of the most rude and unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. The only thing good about this place is the maintence workers. The maintenance personnel are stellar and incredibly hard working which comes in handy because things break at least monthly.

Hello Kevin, We apologize that you had experienced issues pertaining to a leak or issues with an appliance, but we are happy to know that our maintenance stayed on top of all your issues until they were resolved. We do pride ourselves with our maintenance staff as they work very hard to keep our community well maintained and in working condition. We understand the age of the appliances; and though renovations of this aspect of our apartment homes has already been set in motion, our maintenance team and the replacement parts we have at our disposal allow us to address and repair any issue quickly once we have been notified of the situation. If you feel that at any time an associate has not acted in a professional manner, I would like to know more about what occurred to better understand and address this concern, as we take these matters seriously. We also use all resident feedback as a means to improve every aspect of our services. You also mentioned a concern regarding a move-out report. All former residents have the ability to reach out to us to dispute any charges that they may not understand or that they believe to be incorrect. We retain records and photos of all that has been completed in an apartment after we receive possession and would be happy to share this information with you. Please feel free to contact our leasing office at your convenience so that we can address any of your concerns. Thank you,

On July 16, 2017

I had a issue with my shower and the worker Matience John was excellent. Very thorough, polite & asked if I need anything done to call and request him. I'm very satisfied with my service.

On June 15, 2017

Great place to live!

On June 8, 2017

We have enjoyed our time living here. I wish management would be more proactive and monitor the parking lots for cars parking in open spaces for long periods of time. We are not ashamed to call management and tell them of a car parked for too long. We actually had one of them towed. People have since moved on. Also wish management would do something about the speed limit here. Nobody abides by it. Also the blind spots are bad. I've almost been hit multiple times going home because people don't slow down when turning to exit the complex. This is near the 10480 building turning left or right. Maybe installing a mirror so we can see when a car is coming would be helpful. Also you need to hire a better security person at night. We have seen this lady patrol the complex and all she ever do is sit on the benches playing away on her smartphone. Also tell your maintenance guys to slow down while driving your golf carts. A+ for the quick response time when we have issues. Like the time one of the steps leading to our apartment broke off completely. They could of been there quicker but it got done. Poor delivery guy had a big gash on his leg delivering our washer and dryer.


We appreciate you communicating your feedback to us, and we are happy to hear that you overall enjoyed your living experience at our community. In regards to your concerns, I assure you that we do monitor vehicles parked for long periods of time and tag them when they appear to be stored or inoperable. Our towing company actually assisted us with this last week, so between their efforts as well as ours, we do our best to ensure that all vehicles comply with the regulations outlined in our rental agreement. We would also be more than happy to send out another reminder to residents to abide by the posted parking limits in an effort to assist with maintaining safe driving conditions for other drivers and pedestrians. If you recognize someone who is not abiding by the posted speed limits, please let us know and we can also reach out to them directly. When you reported that a vendor injured themselves on the stairs, our maintenance department went out and repaired the stair the very same day. With respect to the courtesy patrol officer, I will reach out to our patrol company; however, our patrol officers do use smart phones to check in, take photos, and submit online reports to management. Therefore, it would not be uncommon to see her using the phone but we'll ensure she's walking around patrolling the community throughout the night. If you'd like to discuss any of these issues in further detail, please contact the leasing office at 858-530-2100 and we'd be more than happy to speak to you.

On May 2, 2017

I've lived here since 2015 and I must say its for sure the best place I've ever lived. The staff is super awesome and friendly. They're all willing to do just about anything to make you happy and comfortable. I had the chance to work with Angela and Cristina so far and they are both super friendly and helpful. This quickly became my new home, but I feel like I've lived here for years because it's so comfortable The apartments are also clean and well maintained. Plenty of guest parking. I haven't had any noise issues to date. There's a good mix of all ages living here. It's family friendly without ever feeling overwhelming. Great location- close to shopping, gym, easy access to highways but easy to avoid the chaos and relax. We've got a great gym that I should probably use more . There are five amazing pools and Jacuzzis, that are super chill to relax in. Also, Maintenance has been a great help with getting things fixed around the apartment as well. They are awesome and always been very punctual and professional addressing all issues I had so far! They always do a great job and follow up with any maintenance request. That being said, I would definitely recommend the place to anyone! Thanks guys, and keep up the good work!

On April 5, 2017

We have been living here since fall 2015 and we had a great experience so far. The staff is great and always gets back to us regarding any issues we have. The maintenance crew is just amazing , Chris is always fixing everything fast and well , and he makes the day better with his fun and friendly attitude :) they repainted all the exteriors and updated the pools and gym . We are looking forward to the new updates and we will recommend this complex to all our friends moving to SD. It's quiet, clean and out neighbors are sweet and kind ;) thanks guys and keep up the great work :)

On March 1, 2017

IMT Sorrento Valley is a great place to live. I was given a great deal for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and a walk in closet apartment. About 300-400 dollars cheaper than everywhere else for getting so much. The pools are beautiful, and the area is clean and safe. There are five pools, so it's usually best to go to one of the other pools that isn't by the leasing office. That one is the most popular. This is a great place to live if you work in the Sorrento Valley Tech center since it's only 1.5 miles away. I only have to fill up on gas once a month! Also, Adam in the leasing office is particularly helpful. I had some pretty serious issues come up, and he was very fast when it came to getting me the help I needed to resolve them. It can be something incredibly obscure or difficult, and he will still help get it done.

On February 3, 2017

We rent a 2/1 unit and have been here for about a year and a half. We have seen all the improvements that have been done over the past 6 months since around the time it changed ownership from Gables.

Here's a list of what I've noticed so far:

-LED path lights, building lights, and unit patio/porch lights
-Complete repainting of all buildings (trim, railings, stucco)
-Trash Area doors were wooden and getting pretty old, replaced with nice painted steel that are easy to open.
-Asphalt remediation to fix potholes, complete repainting of parking spaces and curbs
-Car port roof resurfacing
-Resurfacing of patios (upstairs units only I think)
-Smoke detectors in each unit (though I consider this a compliance thing more than an enhancement)

You can tell the new management is working hard to bring the quality up. It's really nice.

I'm disappointed with the interior. (Disclaimer, this is a single unit of comparison, not all units are the same interior).
-The cabinets are old wood with laminate over them, which peels and really needs to be replaced.
-Counter tops stain really easily, I don't know what they're made of, you have to leave bleach on them to lift the stains, it's weird.
-Bathroom needs upgrades, the floor and baseboards are a warped and you can tell they were repainted but not replaced.
-Sinks are old, enamel is chipping, but again, it was repainted (could have been the previous tenant).
-Bathtub needs to be severely resurfaced, it was nice when we moved in, but after the first shower again it looks like some damage had been painted over. It's hard to clean.
-The carpet is just sub par. It was freshly cleaned and still fluffy when we moved in, but after the first week you could see that it was pulling away from the kitchen boundary, exposing carpet nails. It's bunching up in areas, it's just old. I wish I would have asked for it to be replaced when we moved in, but I wasn't sure they'd do it for us and we needed a place.

The management is the best I've ever encountered. I was relieved to see that they retained a lot of the staff from the Gables group.
They have always been helpful and responsive and are a huge reason why I'm still renting.
-We had an issue with a barking dog that was actually inside another unit. It was so loud you could hear it across the other building. They resolved it within 2 days.
-Every work order I have submitted was taken care of within a day. It's incredible.

So, overall it's a good experience. I wish the interiors could be updated with better kitchen cabinets, carpet, and bathroom fixtures but that's not really something I can control. I saw the unit before we moved in, so it wasn't too much of a surprise (aside from the things I mentioned above). They're moving towards the luxury apartment goal with all the outdoor improvements, I'm looking forward to the in-unit improvements that may be on the game plan.

On February 1, 2017

If you are looking for an average apartment with old appliances and minimal interior updates despite being marketed as "luxury" then look no further. While the on-site staff is courteous, the business corporation does not value their current residents whatsoever. When given your lease renewal expect your rent to be above what other units in the complex are renting for. Yes, you could move to an identical (or in our case better- new carpet) unit and pay LESS than what they offered you on your lease renewal. There is ZERO flexibility to match the market price if your lease offer is above the current going rate. This company would rather see unit after unit sit empty and unoccupied than keep the business of their current residents. Don't believe me? Check the website and look how many units are empty/ available!! Believe me folks there is a reason people are choosing not to stay! You might get a good deal initially, but prepare to get screwed if you want to stay any longer than a year.

We do understand your concerns. We’ve spoken to your husband in an effort to explain that our rents change daily. We’ve also offered a complimentary carpet cleaning should you decide to stay in your current apartment home, or you have the opportunity to transfer, should you prefer that option. At the time your renewal offer was sent out, the market rates were at or above your offer. Since availability changes on a daily basis, your particular floor plan is leasing for less today; however, that may not necessarily be the case during the time frame in which your lease expires, which is why we don’t negotiate the renewal offers. When you moved in, your apartment was professionally cleaned and painted and the same occurs for new residents who move-into the community.

We are currently more than 95% occupied. I understand it may seem like we have a lot of vacant apartment homes but that’s not really the case considering we are a 752 unit apartment community. If you’d like to speak to me directly, please feel free to contact the leasing office at 858-530-2100 or by emailing

On January 10, 2017

Just moved in for a week. Very polite and professional service staff. Apartment well cleaned.

On January 6, 2017

We recently had some electrical issues - our fault not IMT - and the electricians that came by found the source of the problem, repaired it, closed up the drywall and painted it all the same day...a matter of hours actually. John and Chris who took care of our electrical issues were great. We did have a couple minor issues with the closet and cabinet door too. The handymen who came by, Jose and Jorge l, were awesome as well and these issues were also addressed the same or next day. We absolutely have no complaints with the office or service techs they send by. Every one is very friendly and professional.

On December 4, 2016

Lived here for 6 months and no issues. I am not sure why some of these reviews are so bad. If you didn't like it when you took the tough, don't move in... My apartment is a 1 bed/1bath and it's everything I need it to be. I only had one appliance needed to be fixed and they came out the same day and had me good to go. The management has been responsive and super friendly.

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