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IMT Riverview Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On January 16, 2018

I can't begin to explain how much I appreciate the staff at IMT. We moved from a very bad situation, and Jeff and Isabel have been nothing but helpful and encouraging throughout the process. This apartment complex was on the top of our list and we are really excited to be living here! The maintenance team has also been a pleasure to work with on little things that have needed fixing. It's so comforting to know that we are also safe at night as I just learned they have a security officer who comes by to make sure everything is ok, and that's very reassuring! Looking forward to living here!

On September 14, 2017

I have been renting here for almost 3 years. When it was Sienna at Riverview, I didn't have any problems. Clean and safe community. Now I have had two issues with the leasing office that discourage me from staying once my 3rd lease is up. First, was that my water heater went out and it took almost 5 days to replace it, which is a major disruption to daily life on its own, but the leasing office had poor customer service regarding the issue. Most recently, For the first time Iaccidentally typed my account number in wrong when paying my monthly rent and they charged me a late returned check fee. Instead of looking at the good payment history and forgiving the error, I had to pay the fee. The cost of the apartments have increased and while it is mostly worth it for the location and quality of the complex, bad personalities in the leasing office can really ruin it for you.

Dear Reyna - Thank you for your feedback. We certainly value your opinion, and we apologize if we have not met your expectations. Our team thrives in providing proficient maintenance service, so we are sorry that we were unable to replace your water heater in a timely manner. However, please note that when an appliance needs to be replaced, we are dependent on the vendor's schedule. In regards to your late payment, when a rent payment is returned and/or received after its due date, per the signed lease contract, additional fees are due. Also, per Fair Housing Laws, we are legally unable to make exceptions for any resident, no matter how deserving he or she may be, because if we do, we risk being held legally accountable. Should you want to discuss your concerns specifically, do not hesitate to contact me directly in the Leasing Office. Thank you again for allowing us to serve your housing needs.

On August 22, 2017

I really enjoyed my year here. The area is really great with lots of places close by. The freeways are close which was great for me because I was traveling a lot. Its a bit farther from ASU so there weren't too many kids. The grounds were always kept in order. The staff was nice, especially Jeff. The things that broke were quickly fixed when I requested them. I really don't have a bad thing to say. Great place.

On August 21, 2017

Office staff are polite and always willing to help. They make you feel at home. I recommend this place.

On August 1, 2017

I am on my 3rd year of living here, the first year and a half was when the property was still owned as Sienna at Riverview. The location, safety, and cleanliness make this complex worth the higher price compared to the area surrounding, but it still is pretty high costs for such basic flooring, cabinets, appliances, etc. I will say that Jeff has been mostly great throughout the changes that came with a new owner and also Kyle in maintenance is the best! Kyle is efficient, fast, and pleasant to deal with when needed :)

On May 18, 2017

the complex itself is great, if you lease and apartment only lease with jeff. don't even consider leasing with anyone else..... especially collin. jeff is the best, and super chill.

On April 24, 2017

Overall, IMT Riverview is a great place to live. The management is nice, and quick to get back to you on most problems you encounter. I've only had an issue once with a work order where they forgot about it and I had to call and tell them again. One con is that it is directly underneath the flight path to sky harbor so you do hear the planes all night/day however I got use to it pretty quickly and now I hardly hear them. I've never had an issue with noise from neighbors, it's a quiet place to live, I also live on the top floor so I can't say what it sounds like if you live on the 1st or 2nd floor but I've never heard the neighbors that I share a wall with. The grounds are always kept nice and neat along with the pool area and maintenance is super friendly! The apartments are spacious and nicely laid out and the price is reasonably compared to what's around. It is conveniently located by Mesa Riverview, Tempe Marketplace, and the 101/202 freeway and also close to airport. I think the location is great and I appreciate that I don't have to drive a while to get to a freeway! Overall I think IMT Riverview is a great place to live and I would recommend it!

On April 6, 2017

Nice olace, the maintenance staff is always great, but terrible service from the office. Extremely impersonal. If you like being treated like a number, then you'l be fine. If you want to be treated like a person, then look elsewhere.

Dear Resident, Our goal is to provide a great living experience to all of our residents. My name is JC; I am the community manager here at IMT Riverview and would like the opportunity to have a better understanding of your comments. Please contact me directly at the management office at your earliest convenience. Thank you for allowing us to serve your housing needs.

On February 9, 2017

I moved out of this complex about a month ago, due to some issues with a roommate. Even though I am still paying rent here due to my lease not yet being up for a little while, this was at no fault of the complex. It a beautiful complex, and the staff is EXCELLENT. Collin, the manager of the complex, was extremely professional, helpful and accommodating, and has done everything in his power to help make my negative situation as positive as possible. I also had some maintenance work done as well before leaving, and Kyle did an excellent job and was so helpful and prompt. The front office has made my negative situation as positive as they can, and I am extremely grateful for this! Bummed I had to move out.

On January 28, 2017

From an outside perspective, the apartment is very nice with green grass and pretty landscaping. However, the inside of the apartment needs drastic improvements. The appliances are severely outdated, some of the paint is discolored which looks very tacky. The door knobs are discolored, the stovetop is terrible, the dishwasher needs an upgrade, etc. Comparing these apartments to some of the ones closer to ASU tells me that they overvalue this place. We have made multiple maintenance requests regarding our toilet because it takes more than one time to flush it normally. At this point the company either needs to fix the plumbing system or replace the toilet because it still flushes terribly (since day one of being here.) Our shower water gets cold so fast that we are constantly turning the nozzle to max the heat to feel any sense of warmth. Overall, the property managers need to work on a remodel job pronto because the place has a lot of potential but they are not investing into it to make it better.
I will give this apartment a higher rating because the workers at the complex are very friendly. Kyle, one of the maintenance workers is the best! He is very friendly and helpful. The front office people are also very nice.

Hello Taylor,

We apologize if we have not met your expectations; our goal is to provide all our residents with a great living experience at IMT Riverview.

Looking at the maintenance request history from your apartment home, it appears that the last time the maintenance department was in your apartment to clear out the bathroom toilet was in October of 2016. If you are still having issues with it, we'll be more than happy to send out our Maintenance Supervisor to make sure the line gets completely clear as well as checking the proper operation of your water heater.

As far as the other items that you have mentioned, we will gladly set up a convenient time to inspect them all with you to make sure they are functioning properly.

We certainly appreciate your feedback, and look forward to continue to serve your housing needs. Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me directly at the management office.

Thank you for your time.

On January 20, 2017

I love it here! I moved to Mesa in 2014 after graduating college. Not being extremely firmiliar with the area, I did a lot of looking online & decided to go with this place. The front desk people are extremely friendly/helpful & its always quiet and clean. That's all I ask for! Will be re-signing my 3rd lease in March.

On December 27, 2016

I think the friendliness of the staff and the maintenance is the reason this place is so great as well as the well kept grounds! The reason for 4 stars is way over priced. The amenities are just not there the outside grills are super cheap one has not worked the whole time we have lived here! and the gym is not that quality! The location also drives the price up since it is near asu. lived here like 2.5 years and first year 1 bedroom 776 then second year 850 now you can'teven rent a 1 bed for under 1000. The place I lived before for the same price had marble countertops and brushed stainless appliances here the stove doesn't even have two large sized burners. If the price was better I would stay but with utilities for a two bedroom its around 1530 a month which is more than my parents mortgage on their house which is 4 bedrooms 1 acre lot with two car garage in a top 100 America school district!

On December 8, 2016

Lived here for about 3 years. Had a few different neighbors. The first ones were noisey but we're only there for my first month. They moved out and everyone since has been great. The grounds are very well kept. This is probably my favorite part of the place. The courtesy patrol is very helpful the couple of times I've seen them around the property. Being close to the Cubs stadium and Tempe marketplace is awesome. Great locAtion. The maintenance staff is fast when you give them permission to enter. Trying to schedule a time for them to come by is ok but they are all great guys that I am totally ok with being in my apartment when I'm not there. The office staff is helpful and nice. I get a lot of packages and they never complain and are always friendly when I pick them up. I would definitely suggest living here.

On October 21, 2016

Shout-out to Kyle from maintenance. He's so friendly and very willing to help with anything!

On October 19, 2016

We put in a large maintenance request the other day and Kyle showed up and handled everything with a positive attitude and a smile. He unclogged multiple drains, changed the AC filter, replaced an old and worn out garbage disposal, and did it all in a professional and caring way. The maintenance staff at this place really goes above and beyond to make sure their residents are satisfied. Great apartment complex with great staff.

On October 19, 2016

Great place to live! The staff is awesome and maintenance has been great. Be sure to request Miguel as he did a great job!

On September 20, 2016

My wife and I lived here for 3 years, when we first moved in it was owned by a different company and called Sienna at Riverview and IMT took over about 6 months before we moved out... So most of our experience was with "Sienna at Riverview" for what its worth but I didn't notice any huge shift in policy or even staff for that matter. The apartments are about what you would expect for the Tempe/Mesa area, white walls, beige carpets, etc. I don't really have much to say on the unit itself. We did not have an "upgraded" unit, but that being said it was nice and had everything we needed. The biggest plus for me was that the few times something did break in our apartment maintenance came out very quickly to fix the issue, usually same day. I never had to harp on them to get someone to come out to fix whatever the issue was. (Unlike my new living situation) The property itself is well maintained and was a pleasure to walk the dog around. There are even some open spaces that you can use for throwing a football or baseball around. The pool area is really nice and the two propane grills are awesome - I used them regularly. The fitness area is pretty good but can get crowded at times since its not very large so I always tried to go during off-peak hours. All the residents I met or interacted with were friendly and I never had any noise issues with neighbors. The vibe I got from the residents was more of a young professional deal rather then a "Woo its college lets party!" vibe that you may find around this area. Everyone in the office that works there was kind, remember you, and take care of anything you need. When our move-out date was coming up we realized that we were going to be out of town so they worked with us to do an early walk through of the apartment which was super awesome. The move out process was painless and they didn't try to nickel and dime us on our way out. If for some reason I move back to the Tempe area, I would absolutely consider moving back to Riverview.

On September 19, 2016

Greg from Maintenance is a great man, with personality, warmth, and just such a nice guy and Everyone at the Front Desk, Courtney has such great fashion sense, I'm just envious of her and her clothes. . I just love her She's so Wonderful and her clothes. Thanks Greg and Thanks Courtney......

On September 10, 2016

We've been living here since the end of June and our experience has been fantastic so far! A beautiful property in a fantastic location. The management/maintenance of IMT Riverview is superb. Upon finding a crack in the garbage disposal, I left a maintenance request yesterday and Kyle already came by today to replace it! Two thumbs up!

On July 31, 2016

Just be careful with the length of your lease, there is no option to opt early.

Hi Nicole, I’m sorry to see that you’re not satisfied with your living experience at our community, however, I must correct you in stating that our lease agreements do allow residents to opt-out early for a fee, which is discussed and agreed upon during the lease signing. We have already discussed this opt-out clause with you in person, but should you want to discuss it further, do not hesitate to contact us.

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