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IMT Lakeshore Lofts Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On January 16, 2018

My wife and I have lived in this complex for two years, and have just renewed our lease for another year. Hands down, the best rental experience we've had. The location is great, front office staff is polite and very helpful, the grounds are well kept, and building maintenance is up to date. We've had some pretty bad experiences at other apartments, especially with regard to maintenance (air conditioners going out during summer, and taking very long you repair). We've never had issues like this here, though. The maintenance team, managed by Cesar, is very professional, courteous, and quickly responsive. They are prompt with any repairs, and they are proactive in maintaining the building to prevent any major issues from happening. They are also quick to respond to any after-hours maintenance issues. I highly recommend living here. You'll be treated with respect, meet great neighbors, live in a fun area, and have a modern, well-kept place to call home.

On October 25, 2017

Great location, extremely friendly staff, and fast service. The manager, Misty May, always has a smile and is willing to help when the situation requires. Justus, Dinora, and Rolando are most helpful as well.

On September 22, 2017

I love IMT Lakeshore Lofts! It is newly renovated and gorgeous.

On September 21, 2017

The leasing staff, Dinora, Justus & Rolando, at Lakeshore Lofts is unmatched. The sole reason I selected Lakeshore Lofts over all other apartments in Los Colinas is due to their superb customer service and willingness to make my relocation from NJ as seamless as possible. The charming, friendly and personal interest that the leasing staff to ensure I felt at home in Texas made everyday I went home a delight despite the turmoil experienced on the job and the death of my beloved dog. My experience at Lakeshore Lofts was the highlight of my Dallas experience. I appreciate the kindness of Dinora, Justus and Rolando! If you are looking for a place to call home...I would recommend Lakeshore Lofts, you will never be treated better!

On September 13, 2017

We all know finding a new place is challenging - finding one while living out of state even more so! Was initially attracted to Lakeshore Lofts based on their unique floor plans and appearance. After wonderful conversations with Justus & Rolando in their leasing office I leased "sight unseen"! Made the evil 18hr drive from Phoenix to Irving on 8/30/17. Arrived tired and dead on my feet. Met Rolando and even tho he had reports due he took the time to show me my new apt and updated the lease since I arrived a day early. I travel a lot on business and their online system for rent payment and maintenance orders is smooth and a real benefit. They also email when packages show up at the office instead of being brought to my place. I've had a few maintenance issues while settling in and Pedro, on the maintenance staff, is wonderful - prompt, courteous, and helpful. I've only been here a few weeks but so far couldn't be more pleased with the decision to lease at Lakeshore Lofts.

On August 8, 2017

Lakeshore lofts is a Very nice place to live!

On August 4, 2017

We have been a resident here for about 10 months now. It's been an awesome experience. The leasing office staff are all so helpful, it never feels you live in an apartment. They have made possible our last minute requests like renting out the club house for a party, getting the keyfob corrected even beyond the leasing hours. Our property manager Rolando is great too, he helped me revert back the fine we incurred for late payment of rent. The maintenance request folks are pretty good and fast, they have even provided samples when we wanted to replace existing lights with different color lights. The neighbours have been good so far except the first few days when they called courtesy officers and complained to leasing office staff. We have a pool view and it's a great view. The parking is great too. We would love to stay here as long as we are here in Irving.

On July 31, 2017

Lived here for one year and never had a work order or problem. They pick up trash right at your door. The amenities are nice and never crowded. The views are amazing and you cannot beat being able to jog along Lake Carolyn. Such a peaceful and lovely area.

On July 26, 2017

I visit a friend staying here. I find the lake view amazing from the patio. Fair amount of guest parking on rooftop. They have concrete flooring, which I personally like over wooden or carpet.

On July 15, 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dinora during the whole leasing process. She is EXCELLENT in explaining everything. Her professionalism and positive attitude is very welcoming; she goes above and beyond! The apartment complex seems very clean as well. I have only been here for about 1 week and I feel confident this will be a great home for my husband and me. We look forward to participating in the many activities IMT has to offer.

On June 29, 2017

Quiet community with very responsive office staff. Apartments are well kept up and in a great location. All maintenance items are taken care of in a timely manner.

On June 14, 2017

Cute apartments. Friendly staff.

On June 14, 2017

This is the first apartment complex that I experience that has an awesome office and maintenance team, truly a dream team. You can feel the love they have for the community and us (the residents)!

On May 7, 2017

Great complex unless your guests get towed because the warning signs were not visible as mandated by Texas Law. Beware, if your guests park in the garage without knowing they will be towed and it's a $289.00 towing fee. The entrance gate is removed for repairs with the warning sign attached to it gone as well. My buddy stopped by for MAX 10 minutes. Only to return to his vehicle with it on a tow truck. It cost him $289.00 to recover his vehicle which was towed to Southwest Auto Towing located 10 minutes away!!! Makes you wonder if IMT is getting a kickback but regardless they allow their residents guests to be treated in such a ridiculous and costly manner. There is totally inadequate guest parking available as well. If you have plan quests you can get a temp permit for them during business hours. If they stop by at night, nothing!!

Hi Kenneth, I’m sorry to learn that your guest’s vehicle was towed. Our tow/parking guidelines are clearly explained to our residents at move-in stating that guests are only allowed to park on the outer perimeters of the building or on the roof top of the parking structure. Any vehicle parked within the parking garage must have an assigned IMT Lakeshore Lofts parking permit displayed in the windshield. We strictly enforce our parking guidelines to ensure that residents have ample parking. IMT Lakeshore Lofts also has Tow signs posted in accordance of the City and State ordinance as a reminder to all residents and guests. I want to assure you that IMT Residential does not receive any portion of monies associated with the cost of towing, nor do we have any input on the costs associated with towing. This amount is set by The City of Irving. Please understand towing policies are in place so you, a valued IMT Resident, can park with ease within your parking structure. Thank you for voicing your concerns, and again, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your concern.

On April 28, 2017

I love living here! I wish I could purchase my place! The staff is amazing. Misty, Rolando, Justus, and Dinora are all about customer service! Great team!!

On April 23, 2017

I have lived here for the last 2 years. The place is cool, the staff is nice and maintenance requests are taken very quickly. However, they have zero flexibility with special requests (small things that other places do for you such as an extra fob, a slightly longer leasing term, painting, etc). The place is good value for money as long as you do not expect them being accommodating.

On March 13, 2017

I'm beginning my 3rd year at IMT Lakeshore Lofts, and it's the best apartment complex I've lived in for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the staff is wonderful. The front office staff is always quick to help out or fix something, and even though I'm definitely what I would call a "high maintenance renter," they are still just as friendly every time. The maintenance staff is amazing - quick, friendly, and VERY trustworthy (Pedro & Cesar are the first ones that come to mind - unfortunately I don't know all the maintenance staff). Secondly, the apartment itself is just a nice community. Neighbors are quiet and friendly (but not in the boring way), the leasing company keeps the property maintained and up to date. I've been reading the other reviews about this complex, and I know there was a different property company up until 2015 (Alta instead of IMT). I think all the recent reviews prove how Misty, Dinora, Justus, and Rolando really focus on customer service.

On June 18, 2016

I have been living here since 2014 previous apartment management was very helpful and friendly. So when the management change took place i was concerned but went with renewal anyways. I have to say that new management has been nothing but helpful. The upgrades on apartments are nice especially the new fans. The service requests are taken care quickly.
If there was one thing that which i felt was better with previous management would be frequent social events. While we still have events and recent pool party was great previously we used to have more frequent smaller social events. We used to have a happy hour or breakfast to go pretty much 1-2 times a month.

On June 4, 2016

Misty May and her team have provided me with and exceptional level of customer service. I had a problem with completing my contact renewal by the deadline and she worked with me to get it all updated at no additional cost to me after the deadline was passed. Very helpful and friendly. Talk to her if you have an issue. She's great

On April 29, 2016

I just moved in less than 1 month ago and have nothing but great things to say about IMT. Management is on top of everything!! Every request is completed in a timely manner. I love the location and amenities, I have no complaints....

On April 12, 2016

I turned in a maintenance request, and the work was satisfactorily done and done on a very timely basis. As always, great service. The new management is really making a difference. This is a great place to live. They have made a lot of upgrades to the property. I have no desire to live any place else.

On April 11, 2016

The complex is clean and modern with a killer location. There's the gorgeous lake with a trail around it, restaurants, a mini market, dry cleaners, and a DART station all within walking distance. Just 10 minutes from downtown by car and it's essentially opposite of rush hour traffic if you work in the city. Personally, I don't even own a car (my wife has one), as I take the DART rail directly from my apartment to work every day at one of the local hospitals, which is only an 18 minute train ride away! It's nice to kick back, relax, and knock out all your morning e-mails on the way to work without the hassle of dealing with the crazy Dallas drivers (yes, I'm talking about you).

Recently under new management and I have to say, I am loving it! They have been working pretty hard to not only continue the past management's commitment to community events and activities, but also have taken it to the next level. Under previous management, ceiling mounted fans with light fixtures were available only for rent. Yes, RENT, and it was a one-time charge to get them installed in your apartment, but the catch is that you didn't get to keep them and at a cost of ~$100/room. However, under this new management they have just finished installing these same illuminated ceiling fans in every living and bedroom with absolutely NO CHARGE! Let there be light!! This has made a world of difference in the apartments which, while gorgeous, lacked adequate lighting during certain times of the day. I can't thank this group enough for making this step.

Overall, whenever I interact with staff/management about apartment maintenance issues, checking the mail, picking up packages, or just strolling through the office - they have always been kind, patient, and personable. I can't recommend these guys enough.

On March, 1, 2016

Love the new management team! So much better than the previous, at least this management team is making upgrades to the property. Like my apartment home so much and the location that I am referring all my friends to move over here.

On February 26, 2016

Great apartments!

On January 2, 2016

I loved staying here for two years and hate that I am moving! The apartments were clean, safe and very close to great restaurants and all things Dallas. Also, Misty was great and added much needed change to previous management. I would highly recommend staying here if you are looking to move in the area!!

On January 31, 2016

Great front office and maintenance staff!! Would highly recommend IMT.

On January 19, 2016

Not only is the outside receiving an upgrade, but so is the maintenance. Never had any problems with maintenance. Great location. Very kind staff.

On January 2, 2016

Great apartment complex, reasonably priced and amazing views of the lake with access to tons of restaurants. Misty has done a great job with making residents feel welcomed and extremely responsive to any request. I highly recommend staying here!!!!

On December 13, 2015

Great new management! They are residents oriented. Love the whole scenery. Quick to fix anything that needs to be done. Been here over a year and a half and have not had to report any major maintenance issues.

On December 10, 2015

I have been a resident at IMT Lake Shore Lofts for about 4 months and absolutely love it. The staff is very helpful, the maintenance team is amazing and completes work orders within hours. The apartment complex is having a lot of upgrading done. They are really investing into the complex. The price for the area is reasonable compared to others. I am glad I moved here, it is a great area and great complex.

On November 11, 2015

My family (husband and one year old baby) have been living here for 2 months now and we love it here! The area is amazing, so peaceful, close to all the conveniences and perfect place to go have a run around the lake. The staff is doing a great job and are really nice. They did a lot for us to get into our apartment on time (we had to live our apartment hotel) and makes our life easier everyday!

On November 9, 2015

I have lived here 4 years and have loved it the entire time. The new staff is wonderful and so accommodating! Misty May, the community manager here, has gone out of her way in order to make my life and living as stress free as possible! I can't thank her and her team enough for what they have done for me. These people care about their residents' needs! That is one thing that is hard to find at an apartment complex. But you can surely find it here!

On November 5, 2015

I strongly recommend this apartment to anyone looking for a quite, clean & resort-style neighborhood. We moved to this apartment 3 months ago and we are really happy in it, Office team ( especially Dinora who is our contact person) are very nice, professional and respond fast to any service request. The location is amazing especially the convenience of having lake walk just few feet far from your apartment. Amenities are great and clean, all grills just replaced with new nice one that we use all the time to grill our dinner. The only thing they need to improve is their package receive system, they are suppose to send us emails every time they receive a package delivered to us but it doesn't always happen and that's why we have to keep track of every order delivery time and date then go to the office ask for it. At the end I still recommend this apartment over any other one.

On November 1, 2015

Four months ago, I moved into IMT Lakeshore. Ken was the Senior Leasing Consultant that helped me sign my lease. He is professional, courteous and ensures you have a wonderful experience during your stay. I love the modern feel of the apartment. With the exception of an occasional DART train horn, the apartments are pretty quiet. Unlike a lot of apartments in this area, the garage is gated and there are ample parking spots. The maintenance department is great. Requests can be submitted online and usually completed within a few days. In essence, IMT is a great place to call home.

On October 29, 2015

I have lived here for over a year. The management staff and company changed a few months ago and it has been a great improvement. The accommodations are just beautiful. I love living here and the lake view makes it that much better.

On July 19, 2015

Mangement changed.. Was assured we had monthly events at the clubhouse (didn't happen).. Was told we had two grills by the building 1 pool (neither work).. Wasps everywhere.. Garage gate breaks all the time.. Been here for 3 months, if things change its not terrible. But right now i will not be resigning

Hi Luke, The new transition has been quite the adventure. I want to assure you that IMT Residential has a team working on some of the issues you have mentioned. I was hopeful the grills could be repaired, however, after professionals accessed them, this isn’t the case. The great news is that NEW grills are on order! I have had multiple contractors service the garage gates to try and remedy all issues. We’ve made both software and hardware updates to both gates. We’ve also started utilizing the barrier arm to help assist with tailgating; only time will tell if this will helps! We have a pool party in the works for August that should be a lot of fun for all!! Once we really get our feet on the ground we will have the ability to host more resident events. We enjoy them as much as you guys do and look forward to a full calendar of events. Thank you for taking the time to discuss your concerns. I am in the office Monday through Friday from 10:00-6:00, Please feel free to call or visit with any concerns you may have.

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