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IMT Alameda Station Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On February 16, 2018

I have renewed my lease here three times which is a testament to how much I enjoy living at IMT Alameda Station. The apartment itself and the amenities that come with it are all a key factor as to why I remain here. I also enjoy living at IMT Alameda Station because of its proximity to RTD light rail and downtown, South Broadway, and because of the attention and support of the staff that works here. They know you by your first name and greet you whenever you walk into the office. I have only had two maintenance issues - dryer and smoke alarm - and both were fixed and functional within hours of submitting the maintenance request. Cliff is the best and the rest of the staff are really friendly as well. I especially enjoyed spending some time with them during the recent Mardi Gras tenant party in the beautiful lounge by the fireplace. Overall this is a very pleasant and safe place to live, despite some of the other reviews on here. My only issue is with the people who smoke on their balconies - I have an aversion to cigarette smoke and would be very happy if they banned it completely on the resident balconies, but I am not sure how easy it would be to police that. I am really looking forward to the summer again when I can use the outdoor grills and lounge by the pool on a warm Saturday.

Marcel, Thank you for your review and long-term residency with us at IMT Alameda Station. We are happy to hear you love the location of our community and are thrilled that our team has exceeded your expectations of customer service. We thank you for your feedback about your neighbors. When resident activities infringe on other residents quality of life, we do want the opportunity to help resolve these kinds of issues. If the smoking continues, please be sure to contact our management office directly.Thank you again for providing your feedback and for calling IMT Alameda Station your home.

On October 17, 2017

Great complex! So many amenities and the staff is friendly to work with. Highly recommend!

On October 16, 2017

My husband and I have been renting for almost 3 years and can't wait to move out. I can't tell you the countless of times I have heard the same thing from others. I know of many residents who are sending letters to corporate. Recently, most of the gym equipment has been broken for months. I asked nicely many times to put out of order signs on the equipment which never happened. I finally did it myself. The equipment is a joke with the t.v. channels not working or the volume on most of the equipment. It's been months now and nothing has been done. The staff is very unresponsive and couldn't care a less. The main bathroom has a broken soap dispenser that I have also told the management about that has also not been fixed in about a year now. The elevators are not clean with throw up in them sometimes. The place reminds me of a frat house and it's very poorly run and managed. The only good thing is the location. Otherwise would recommend renting elsewhere. I agree with the other posters about the Wyatts towing as well. We are looking forward to moving out as soon as our lease is up.

On August 22, 2017

I loved this place. It's absolutely gorgeous. The amenities are excellent and Brianna was great to work with.

On August 7, 2017

I love the staff here. Truly the ammenities and building is very, very nice. You have to know that if you live on the north side of the building at this time, that you are making yourself suceptible to listening to construction everyday of the week, even Sat. starting at 8am. This is not IMT staff's fault at all, however you must know that if you are sensitive to noise and have a stressful job like myself, you may not be very satisfied with living here (on the north side) as you will literally listen to construction all day, everyday. Again, staff is wonderful and yet even as I write this, the floor of my apartment and dishes are shaking from the construction that is going on. One word: miserable. 8/19/16: 8:06am- status update- bed vibrating from construction outside my window. Again, this has been a disappointing construction-apartment-living disaster. Yes, more to come!

Hi Kaily, Thank you for taking the time to post a review for IMT Alameda Station. I apologize that you have not been satisfied living at our community since the construction started. We understand that some of our residents work from home and that it’s important that they have a quiet space in which to work during the day. If ever the construction is too distracting, we invite you to use our Cyber Café which is open from 7am-10pm, 7 days a week. We also have a clubroom for a more comfortable setting with complimentary WIFI. I assure you that the construction is temporary. If you have any further concerns please feel free to email me or call me anytime.

On August 1, 2017

Apartments are very nice and clean upon arrival. Akin to dormitories, this place is not what I'd recommend for young professionals. It's loud, and the office staff have been rude to me on numerous occasions. Elevators are maintained little, if at all sometimes. Tons of great spots and epic location so you really get some good value just don't expect anything special here. Lived there for 6 months and paid the termination fee to exit my lease.

Hi Jamison, Thank you for taking the time to submit a review of IMT Alameda Station. I am truly sorry that you were not happy with your experience here when you were one of our residents. Our goal is to ensure that all of our residents feel comfortable speaking with us about any concerns that they have and that they feel confident in our abilities to address those concerns. I apologize that you had a bad experience with a member of our office team and appreciate you bringing this to our attention as we are always looking for ways to improve. I want to assure you that our elevators are maintained 7 days a week, but sometimes need special attention after business hours. If there are any emergency concerns with the elevator, we are available 24/7. Again, we really appreciate your residency here and wish you the best of luck in the future.

On April 30, 2017

I absolutely love living here. Everyone who visits my home comments on how beautiful my apartment is. I have lived in Denver for a few years, and really did my research before moving to a new neighborhood, and Baker is the perfect blend of what I was looking for. I work downtown, and it's super easy to take the light rail or bike to the office in the warmer months. The bars in Baker are my favorite in Denver. The surrounding neighborhood is so charming, and there is great access to parks and green space. The amenities at Alameda Station are great - a pretty decent work-out room, pool and hot tub open year round. The IMT staff have always been very helpful and responsive.

On March 29, 2017

Perhaps my view is colored by the fact that the place I moved here from was such a stinking pit (I reviewed them too, click over for horror stories!), or maybe I haven't been here long enough, but so far, I love this place. The staff is awesome, the grounds are well kept, yeah there's dog mess in places but hey, that's what we get for living in a pet-friendly community. We had a couple maintenance requests when we moved in, and they were dealt with immediately by the maintenance staff, who also took the time to show my roommate where the trash chute is, and were generally really friendly. Same goes for the office staff - very friendly, very helpful, and just kind of a breeze to deal with. They do make you take a mouth swab of your dog(s) to aid in finding out who's leaving dog crap lying around. If you're a privacy nut, that might bother you. Didn't bother my roommate or me; I don't like stepping in some other dog's crap any more than anyone else does. And come on, your dog's DNA isn't going to get your identity stolen. In contrast to my old place in Sacramento, I actually feel safe walking around this complex at night. The location two blocks from Alameda Station and three blocks from South Broadway is ideal, 25 is just on the other side of the railroads so it's close AND you can see if it's too jammed to use before you leave. My biggest gripe is the train tracks. The light rail line goes by nice and quietly, so that's fine, but the freight trains further back are incredibly loud when they blow their horns at 3am. It's not too bad if your windows are closed, but this winter has been (I'm told) pretty mild by Colorado standards, so it's been a bit of a drag to have to leave the windows shut all night some nights. My roommate says he's looking into whether the city could possibly help with this. But the freight train horns aren't IMT's fault, just a caveat if you want to live in this complex. I'm actually getting used to it, and the view of the mountains is stunning, so I guess you take the bad with the good.

On March 7, 2017

Have lived here for over a year and though it is a bit pricey, I have had nothing but amazing service. Each time I put in a maintenance request I have had someone there that day. They have a rooftop lounge, nice pool area and gym with working equipment. Would recommend to anyone in the Denver area.

On February 24, 2017

We recently moved in & I do wish we had some sort of welcome folder instead of wine. This place is confusing at first! A detailed map of all the elevators, trash chutes, mail room, and breezeway would've really helped. We had no idea where to take our giant loads of boxes & packing paper. We didn't have any info about using the buzzer system to be able to let in a delivery guy. It also wouldn't hurt to have a sheet with the wifi rooms network & password on hand in case the office is closed.^not to blame any of this on Kaity (leasing) I'm sure she said all of this briefly as we toured the apartments for the first time. In other apartment complexes, we were always given a packet with all this sort of information.The amenities are nice & well kept. People at the leasing office are very friendly. Appliances do the job. Packages we have not had an issue yet.

On February 14, 2017

Great place to live, efficient and well run. Great location too. Very communicative and friendly staff too.

On December 29, 2016

My boyfriend, 2 dogs and I moved into IMT Alameda Station late February 2015, are still living here and plan to extend our lease soon. I believe the apartments are priced competitively and had looked at 2 comparable complexes before going with IMT. James helped us with our tour of the apartment and is very friendly and helpful. He made the process easy with our application and getting the lease signed. The apartments are in a great location (walking distance to South Broadway and the Alameda Light Rail Station) and have a lot of amenities (lounge area with TVs, kitchen and pool table, a year-round heated pool and hot tub, gym, business center, Weber gas grills in common areas, a dog run and dog wash). Any time I have questions for the leasing office, they respond very quickly and are really helpful. If they are unsure of something, they always look into it and get back to me quickly especially Casey. She has been so helpful even when dealing with complicated matters. I also am grateful for the maintenance crew. They keep the apartment exterior looking good and are very timely when it comes to maintenance requests. Cliff is especially helpful and friendly. The freight train passes a street to the west of the complex which can be noisy, but I hardly hear it. I can never hear any noise from my neighbors on either side of me and think the only noises I notice are from the neighbors above me, but it's pretty minimal. I don't have much to complain about and think this is a great place especially for dog lovers! They don't have a weight limit which is hard to find.

On December 14, 2016

Awesome, friendly community. Responsive, fast, personable staff. My wife and I are very glad we chose to live here!

On October 19, 2016

This place is awesome. Very friendly staff and maintenance is amazing. Beautiful pool and amenities good job IMT keep soaring above and beyond.

On October 5, 2016

We recently moved to IMT Alameda Station and enjoy the amenities tremendously! We had the opportunity to work with Kaity, a leasing agent who has been so friendly, professional, and accommodating through all of our interactions - in person and via email. Our studio is gorgeous and saturated with sunlight and views of the mountain. Additionally, the light rail station is a short walk away, which is wonderful so I don't even have to drive to work. So far we are very pleased with our experience at IMT Alameda Station and hope it continues to be this positive!

On September 29, 2016

We just moved into Alameda Station and so far it has been wonderful! The pool and grounds are maintained beautifully and everyone from the staff to the residents are very nice and friendly. Our apartment is completely updated and gorgeous! Today we had a maintenance issue with our washer, maintenance personnel showed up at my door in 5 minutes flat after I submitted the request! I'm not exaggerating, it was 5 minutes!!! They fully resolved my issue and were super nice, too! So far, we are very happy residents!

On September 19, 2016

Don't rent here. I wish I could say anything positive about this place.

1. Power outages occur regularly. This is probably due to the fact that they built in an area where circuits are not intended to carry as much load from Xcel.
2. The rent is high even for the area. The lease break fees are obscene because they are preying on people who are trying to buy a home and struggle with the Denver market. Expect to pay 20-40% more in rent if you want a sensible lease term.
3. The sidewalks and grounds smell like dog piss and are basically a big dog urinal because almost every tenant has a dog.
4. IMT is complicit in a parking scam whereby even paying tenants using the garage will be towed for at least $300 if their parking permit falls off and isn't visible. They take your license plate number and car info but they are too lazy or incompetent to use it to verify if you are a paying tenant. The predatory towing company Wyatt's has no agreement in the case that they tow someone who is a paying tenant, they just screw you anyway.
5. If you rent a one bedroom or studio they will not allow you to rent a second parking space, even among the many unused reserved spaces and regardless if 2 people occupy the apartment. If anyone visits you they will have to park blocks away because the visitor lot is full 100% of the time.
6. There are only 2 slow elevators in the main building one of which is usually broken. The stairwells are not accessible in any sensible way from the outside, and usually reek due to spills of various things by tenants.
7. If it's sunny or warm expect that the pool is occupied by the equivalent of a frat party.
8. The shared grill areas are locked after 10pm as though you are in a dorm. IMT claims it's due to noise but they don't care if they leave a TV blaring on a sports channel all night long.

Hi Paul, Thank you for your residency at IMT Alameda Station as well as your feedback. Unfortunately, we are not in control when a power outage occurs, so we encourage our residents to notify Xcel Energy directly anytime there is an outage. Our team at IMT Alameda Station ensures that every resident gets the opportunity to review the terms of the lease prior to their move in day. In the lease documents, we provide you with the option of paying a buy-out fee as a courtesy to the resident so that they are not held to the entire lease term if they need to leave early. We are also a pet friendly community and our maintenance team works diligently to ensure that dog waste is not left on the sidewalk. However, should you notice a pet owner not picking up after their pet, please either speak up, or inform us at the leasing office so that we can address the resident directly. Our residents also enjoy the benefit of having free garage parking in exchange for keeping a parking permit in their vehicles. This allows our residents to have adequate parking and prevents non-residents from using this amenity. Our residents also appreciate the fact that we do not share personal information about what vehicle belongs to who with an outside towing company. We are always evaluating the parking and looking into ways that we can further benefit our residents by possibly offering additional parking spaces at a minimal cost. If our elevators malfunction, a service technician is immediately notified and it becomes our priority. The other benefit of our community is that our buildings are controlled access and prevent non-residents from accessing the main building. Our residents also enjoy having the ability of bringing 2 guests to any of the amenities. The pool area is monitored after hours and shuts down at 10pm. At this time, the TV is also off as it is on a timer and cannot be turned back on until 10am when the pool opens.

On September 14, 2016

I first visited IMT Alameda Station on 9/7. I hadn't set up an appointment as my travel schedule had been somewhat up in the air. I was immediately greeted by Kaity Gallagher and she was extremely helpful in showing me a model unit, the grounds and amenities, answering all my questions, identifying units that may be of interest to me and sending me home with ample information on the community and floorplans. I visited a total of 4 properties in the 2 days that I had allotted on my trip. I knew after visiting the 4th property that IMT Alameda was my favorite but I needed to see it 1 more time before I left, just to be sure. My friend and I had an early afternoon flight to catch back to D.C. on 9/12. We arrived a few minutes before IMT Alameda opened, which I felt awful about, but Kaity was nothing but professional, courteous, understanding, and accommodating to my once again last-minute walk-in. She was able to show me the model again, an example of the floorplan I was looking at renting, and answer some extra questions my friend and I have. I knew once I left that I would be applying that afternoon. The unit had all the fixtures and amenities that I was looking for. I'm absolutely in love with how large the kitchen and island is. The cabinet space in the kitchen and bathroom are fantastic as is the space for the bedroom and living room. I am so excited to rent at this property and Kaity definitely was a big part of that feeling.

On August 26, 2016

My wife and I have lived at IMT Alameda for the last 3 years. We absolutely love it! Such friendly staff (and friendly dog staff - they love our little puggle Molly). The complex is amazingly close to the light rail and walking distance from ton's of bars, restaurants and shops on Broadway. I highly recommend living at this location if you're looking for nice amenities (pool, gym, dog park, etc..) and like apartment style living.

On July 1, 2016

Very nice complex, great location, close to light rail.

On May 24, 2016

I've lived at Alameda Station for about 3 months. Rent is very comparable to some of the other places that I looked at in the area, but with more amenities. I work downtown so the the location is great. Short drive downtown and walking distance to the light-rail. The staff is friendly and easy to work with. I worked with James Cloutier when I signed my lease. He kept me up to date on the current prices while I was shopping around and made the move in process very straight forward and easy. I have since recommended the apartment to a friend of mine and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a place near downtown.

On May 22, 2016

I have lived at IMT Alameda Station for over one year and I am very happy with this apartment overall. It is located in a fun area with a lot going on (restaurants, bars, entertainment) and transportation options are plentiful.

The apartments themselves are large and the community amenities are very nice and well kept. The staff is friendly, as well. James took very good care of me when I was moving in. He was informative, answered every question we had, and really made our decision easy when searching for an apartment.

Overall, I am satisfied with the apartment complex and the staff at IMT Alameda Station and would recommend it to anyone moving to Denver.

On May 19, 2016

I love living at IMT Alameda - it's the first corporately run apartment I've lived in where the staff treats you like a human and they don't nickel and dime. The Colorado market is tough and so pet policies have become stringent everywhere - outside of renting a house with a yard from a private party you won't find a more pet-friendly community.

Maintenance is fantastic and always respectful of your things - and they get to your mainenance requests within 24 hours.

It's a Leeds Gold certified building which means there a requirements they have to pass to make the building more efficient - this means you reap the benefits of said requirements including, reduced noise pollution and lower utility bills.

The move-in process is smooth and our apartment was ready to-go, freshly painted and cleaned upon our arrival.

James Cloutier, was the team member who oversaw our contract, rate, and move-in and he's wonderful - he's still my go-to when I go down to the office for anything. Did I say I love living here?

On May 18, 2016

I moved in in January 2016, from a recommendation from Apartment Guyz. It was not on our original tour, but Andrew thought it would be a good fit and I am sure glad he did! I worked with Kelly through my application and move-in process and since I have been here, all of the office staff has been friendly and helpful! Every morning or afternoon, when I pass by the leasing office I get a warm "Hello, Miss Flowers"! from James Cloutier and he has always been cheerful and helpful with any crazy question, I may ask! All of the staff, I have encountered has been friendly! I enjoy living in this community, it is a great location to public transportation, including the light rail, which makes it easy to get to downtown and a great perk, is parking is included!! I am extremely happy living at IMT Alameda Station!

On May 16, 2016

My boyfriend and I checked this place out last year when we were trying to find a new apartment. I became immediately suspicious of the people that helped us, as they ever so gently kept adding small costs, fees, regulations etc. until I had no idea where we stood. I have dealt with similar property management companies before, and I could see the same tactics being used here as those that were applied at my dorm in college (horrible place to live). I cannot speak on what it is like to live here, as our initial tour with the slick leasing agents was enough to scare me away from this beautiful property. Also, it's pretty easy to tell a fake review guys, and your Google reviews are not to be trusted (Google Local Guide here).

Hello Valued Client, We appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear that you did not choose to call IMT Alameda Station Home. Our community includes a number of services and amenities at no cost to our residents some of these include: Garage parking, 24 hour Art Fitness Center & Yoga Studio, Multiple outdoor Living Areas including Fireplace Kitchen and outdoor televisions, Year Round Swimming Pool with Hot Tub, Bike and Ski Repair Shop, Dog Wash & Dog Park Area , Monthly Resident Events, and full time on-site maintenance with 24 hour emergency maintenance. While most everything at the community is included in your rental rate, there are some items that are not. These include all utilities (water/sewer, gas, electric, trash) and any of the following services or options you may select to utilize: pet fees are applicable if you select to have pets in your home, valet dry cleaning service, additional on-site storage, private reservations of the roof-top lounge or clubroom, and upgraded parking is available. The staff at the community is always happy to answer questions and any items with additional costs are disclosed prior to renting a home. We wish you would have been able to experience being a resident at the community. Should you decide to revisit us in the future, we will be happy to show you why IMT Alameda Station is a great place to call home. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.

On May 6, 2016

We used IMT Alameda Station as a stop off when moving from Texas and not being able to get our minds around the rental market. With multiple applicants showing up for every showing it was impossible to rent from individual owners from that distance. I turned to the nicest biggest community in Baker which was IMT Alameda Station. Cassie immediately took my call and sent me a video of the interior of my choice online so I could see exactly what I was getting and it was beautiful. With granite and beautiful floors, views of Denver off one side of the balcony and the mountains on the other just steps from the train station at Alameda, it offers everything you need plus a parking garage to keep your car out of the snow - its connected to your building so no outside necessary on those blizzard days. If you want to live in the heart of Baker, have a state of the art fitness center and a pool where you actually meet cool people, IMT Alameda Station is the place to be. They are super pet friendly too and everyone is responsible with their dogs. I know that's important to everyone here in Denver. Both managers I talked to there, Garrett and Leslie were super helpful and always willing to resolve any issues even going beyond the call of duty to have the elevator fixed after hours when we had furniture to move! Thanks IMT!

On April 20, 2016

I have lived at IMT Alameda Station since June of 2015. It's a very well run apartment community, and I have enjoyed living here. I would stay and renew my lease, but I want to buy a house before home prices in Denver get completely unaffordable. I had a "studio" unit which is the smallest, but I wouldn't call it a studio. In my mind, a studio is one room with a kitchen, bed, living room, etc. in it. The studios here are pretty much a one bedroom, there's just not a wall separating the recessed area where the bed goes from the hall. It's a good floorplan; at 675 sq. ft., the studio was actually larger than the one bedroom condo. I lived in prior to here. The community is really nice; they have a sweet pool and hot tub that are both open year round, really nice gym, dog park (I've never actually been to it bc I don't have a dog but I've heard about it) and management puts on lots of activities, at least one a month. The buildings are only about 3 years old so I haven't had a lot of maintenance issues; the few times I have, it is usually fixed the same day I call on it, and always by the next day. Someone from the office also calls afterwards to make sure everything is fixed, which is nice. Also, the location is perfect for anyone who works downtown as the Alameda light rail station is across the street, or you can walk up to Lincoln in 7 minutes and hop on the 0/0L.

On February 26, 2016

Awesome staff
Awesome people
Good place for food and shopping 5mins from downtown.

On February 26, 2016

great apartments, convenient location, lovely staff!

On January 9, 2016

My husband, goldendoodle, and I have lived at IMT Alameda about 6 months. We absolutely love living here. Everyone is very friendly, especially to our energetic, large goldendoodle, Cosmo. The dog park in the back of the property is a wonderful feature, as well as the heated pet washing station. When we come home from the Evergreen dog park (only 25-30 mins from our apartment), our dog is usually covered in mud. Having the pet washing station is amazing because we can wash him easily and then let him run around and dry off in the dog run area next to the washing station. We also love having a parking garage. It is a wonderful safety feature. I am in a secured area from the moment I get out of my car until I'm safely in the apartment. The neighborhood feels very safe as well, but having this added security does make me feel safer every day. The security company and staff at IMT alameda are always very helpful! One day I thought I left the oven on. I called the company and they kindly came into my apartment while I was away and checked it for me. This helps me have a great deal more piece of mind. The staff is always very friendly and welcoming, even when my dog is howling or being disruptive. The main custodian is so kind. One time, my dog knocked hot chocolate out of my hand and onto the floor and he didn't even hesitate to offer to clean it up for me. When I insisted I can clean it up, he said absolutely not, don't worry about it at all. This is indicative of how the entire staff treats there residents. The apartment complex offers many events and amenities. We only really use the gym, which is nice. However, we think that the people at the events are very nice and professional. If we had first moved to the area and were looking to meet people, it'd be a nice feature. We were out of town during the initial start of our lease, but that all went seamlessly. They even waived our need for a security deposit because we work for Denver Public Schools.

The location is ideal for traveling to work as the lightrail is a block away. It's also only two blocks to a bus stop that goes right to Cherry Creek and over by North Wash Park. It's walking distance from some great bars like Historians, Maple Room, Adrift, and The Irish Rover (great happy hour there!). It's also right off of I-25 which has been amazing for my commute to Boulder twice a week. Our neighbors are quite and respectful. However, that can be luck of the draw. Our electric bill is crazy low, which was a fear of mine. We are on the third floor, but there is someone above and below us. We set our thermostat lower and it almost never has to kick on to heat our apartment. Our apartment is also very bright, which is our favorite feature. We have floor to ceiling, huge windows in the bedroom and living room. Our balcony is one of the largest in the community at 10ft by 30ft. There is a privacy fence between each apartment complex, so we have more privacy than typical balconies, although the person above us does have a small balcony. We were worried about having someone living above us, but two different people have moved in and out and we never hear them.

Our apartment is very beautiful. We have beautiful new appliances. Our bathroom has a little medicine cabinet build into the wall, a garden tub that you can actually use, and a nice linen closet. Our walk in closet already had a bookcase type shelf in it, which was so convenient. We have beautiful floors and a huge island. The island has a sink in it. There is more than enough cabinet storage to meet all our needs. The bathroom has a little desk area that has served well for my husband as a little artist's nook. The laundry is in a closet in the hallway which provides additional storage. Our apartment also has this amazing feature of built in bluetooth speakers in the walls!

Overall, this is the best renting experience I've had. Although we will be moving on to a new place because we miss being closer to the mountains. For our time living in Denver, we feel like this was an ideal place to live!

On December 5, 2015

This is such a wonderful community with great resident events. I hosted a sip and paint party for them and the residents were wonderful! The staff is on point and truly care about their residents. If you are new to Denver settle in here and tell them Leah from Bamboo Realty sent you because I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this amazing Denver option!

On November 25, 2015

My fiancé and I moved here in August 2015 from Indianapolis, IN. I am currently at CU Denver while my fiancé is working downtown at the Aveda Institute. Both of these destinations have light rail stops which is convenient for us considering theres a light rail station within walking distance of the complex. Everyone who works here is very nice and helpful in every way. We were worried coming from 1,100+ miles away that it was going to be difficult to find a place to live. We found this place and called them. James ended up being the one helping us and he was perfect in every way. Every need or concern we had was satisfied and he just made the whole process seem like a breeze. Our apartment only had one person living in it before us so that's how new this building is. IMT manages this property well and I am glad we found this place in the end because it really saved us. I would definitely suggest considering living here. You won't regret it.

On November 4, 2015

I moved into IMT Alameda Station early September and couldn't be happier with my decision. The property is well maintained, very clean and the staff is amazing! The residents are extremely friendly and you can almost always find someone playing pool or watching tv/sports in the clubhouse.

Prior to moving in here, I was looking at a brand new property just down the street but after taking a tour and talking with Casey in the office, I knew this was where I needed to be and never looked back. The amenities are top notch, the staff (Kelly, James, Garrett & Lesley) are some of the best I've ever dealt with and the location is perfect.

I definitely give this place 5 stars and would give more if I could!

On November 7, 2015

Spent two weeks looking at apartment complexes before picking IMT Alameda Station, really happy with my choice. I've been living here for 2 months now. The complex is really new, my apartment was only lived in once before, and everything has a really clean and modern feel to it. There's constantly maintenance staff and groundskeepers around the complex keeping everything running smoothly, and they seem to be doing a good job because I never notice any trash or issues with the amenities. My apartment itself had one small maintenance issue when we moved in, and the office scheduled to have someone come take care of it immediately (they're really flexible, you can have them come either when you're home or when you're not there, just based on your preference). The maintenance guy took care of it, then followed up with us, and then the office followed up with us as well to make sure it was taken care of, and they seemed to genuinely care. Great community here as well, the club room/fitness center/pool area are constantly being used, and the people are friendly so its been easy to meet people around the complex. The office staff are great. Cassandra (goes by Casey) helped me and my roommate with the leasing process, and we didn't exactly make it easy for her because I was trying to move in short time frame and my roommate was still out of state through the process, but Casey was really friendly and understanding and helped us to make it work in the short time frame we needed. I think I changed the move in date on her like three times and she was always cool about it. James is the man. Really friendly and gave me a lot of great tips and advice about the complex and helped me out with getting my dry cleaning valeted by the complex (I didn't even know that was one of the amenities, and it's better priced because the apartment complex gives them good business). Kelly is constantly planning community events like happy hours, potlucks, holiday themed events, there's a painting and sangria thing coming up, and the events always seem to have a good showing from the complex from what I've seen. I haven't really talked to anyone else in the office, probably because it's been so easy living here and I haven't had any issues, but I have heard other people say good things about Garrett and Lesley. The area is awesome as well. I just moved to Denver so I didn't really know about Baker (where IMT Alameda is), but everyone keeps telling me its a great area to be right now because it's on the rise because of the popularity of South Broadway and other areas nearby. We're right next to Washington Park, and easy walking to south broadway for restaurants/bars/whatever else. Also the area has been pretty perfect for me, because I wanted to be close to the heart of downtown without paying that kind of premium, and also I needed a shorter commute to work down at the DTC, and I get that by living here. Driving to DTC is usually around 20 minutes, and the light rail (Alameda Station) is about a 30 second walk, so I take that to get down to the DTC (24 minutes) when I think traffic might be bad. I'm sure I'm missing mentioning other good things about IMT Alameda but overall 5/5 stars I would definitely recommend.

On November 3, 2015

I love living here! I have the most beautiful apartment with brand new everything and amenities. My favorite being the daily trash service, it's like a trash fairy comes every day and makes the trash disappear, it's awesome. I've been really enjoying the people and all the dogs too, this is a super pet friendly building! Even though I don't have a dog I feel connected to them all the time. It's great! No complaints what so ever.

On February 9, 2015

This place is a joke. Completely overrated and overpriced. Everyone that works here is completely incompetent. Maintenance has no idea what they are doing. Don't expect anything to get fixed correctly. Everything is cheap, everything except rent. Cheap cabinets, cheap appliances, cheap floors. Don't believe them when they tell you that the windows and floors are sound proof. You will hear the person above you and trains every single night. You can hear everything happening in the hallway. Don't expect to get your packages on time or even at all. No one in the office has any idea what is going on 95% of the time, even if you just spoke to them over the phone (if they even answer it).

I'm sorry that you are not completely satisfied with your living experience at IMT Alameda Station! I apologize in advance for my long response, but want to make sure I address your main concerns. I want to assure you that premium products were used when building the community to help with the noise level in your home, such as the higher E-rated windows. There is also insulation between the walls and floors, but that does not mean that the building is sound proof. With any community there will be a certain level of noise since there are a large number of people living in a close proximity. To alleviate this concern, we do also offer courtesy patrol to assist with noise concerns. It is also worth noting that IMT Alameda Station is a LEED Gold Certified property, so all materials used to build our community are part of a framework for building a holistic green building.
If there are problems in your home that needs maintenance attention, I would be more than happy to have the maintenance team review any concerns that you have. Please contact the office and we will place a service request for these repairs.
If there is anything else you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact the office and ask for the community manager.
Thank you for your feedback!

On October 25, 2015

At least 4 to 5 days a week, I am awaken by people in the pool swimming and drinking alcohol. As I write this, it is 4:57 am and people have been talking, laughing and diving/ jumping in the pool all night. 3 months here has been hell for me. I step out every time and ask them to politely to go home, to only be ignored and patrol shows up after half an hour to an hour. I have brought this up to their attention and I have not seen a solution. Their response is that enforcing it and locking the gates will be too aggressive. I just feel like I m being cheated for my money because I cannot sleep in my own home. The apartment will constantly harass you if your trash outside is not prepared a certain way for their track pick up service and they will post a warning on your door. Your car better be up to date on the tags and you better not make a mistake of double parking or anything else because they will tow it from the garage, and dog waste is tested if found by accident outside the premises and you will be penalized up to $300. The garage is always fool and you'll find yourself circling around up to 5 floor to park all the way up there with no roof because the covered roof parking is always full. About 20 of them in each floor are marked assigned parking and they are set aside to be leased for $75 a month and I drive by dozens of Empty parking spots while I'm circling around to park way on top with no roof. This will mean that I will have to go walk up 5 stairs to the top roof and scrape off snow while there are at least 50 covered parking spots open in case someone is willing to pay for them. May IMT should consider getting rid of them all together because they have a parking shortage and we are already paying $1600 plus for a one bedroom and your covered garage is their selling point. The hallways are not the cleanest and spent have a pleasant smell because it's carpet and I have not witnessed anyone washing it since I have moved in. There are constant dogs and people on it and I am not sure why it's not washed on a weekly bases. I love dogs but I am not sure about this many dogs in my building and I'm always getting barked at and awaken at night by dogs barking. I swear I feel like there are more dogs in this building than people. Getting in and out of an elevator, I am always greeted by several dogs of course with their owners but not all dogs are nice or well trained so some will jump on you and others will bark. Forget inviting your family and friends here unless they take a cab here because there are no parkings in the apartment or all around the area outside the apartment. I really believe this place is a disaster for your money. If I had known I would have never moved here. I am counting down my days as I am typing this 5:30 am in the morning because I have been awaken by screaming girls and guys drinking and jumping in the pool.

Hello Jared,

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you are not entirely satisfied with the community at this time. We strive to provide positive customer service experiences for all of our residents. We can understand how noise at the pool during the quiet hours can be disruptive. We strive to have all residents and guest obey our pool/ spa hours. We do work with the courtesy patrol to offer their assistance and find out the responsible parties' information to ensure this behavior does not continue. The community staff and courtesy officers will continue to try to assist in discouraging this behavior and holding offenders responsible.

We enforce our parking at the community to assist you and your neighbors. We do tow based upon the agreed terms of the lease agreement to ensure that no one is parking illegally in the garage or taking up more than one spot so that all residents can find garage parking. The valet trash does have guidelines on what they are able to pick up, but we try to alleviate trash from being left in the hallways that can cause spills or leave unwanted odors. Each day the trash service picks up, they also lease a fresh trash bag for your convenience.

There is guest parking outside of the garages in the open spaces throughout the community, as well as street parking on Cherokee and several side streets near the community. The hallways are cleaned on a daily basis, the carpets are shampooed on regular basis, and spot treated as needed.

If you wish to discuss these issues or any other items please do not hesitate to contact the community manager. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.

Thank you again for your feedback!

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