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Game of Thrones Party Decorations & Food For Your Season Seven Premiere Party

Get ready, the season seven of your favorite HBO drama, Game of Thrones, premieres on July 16th. Entering the season seven premiere, there are bound to be more game-changers and surprises, and what’s a better way to view the new episode than by hosting your own premiere party? To commemorate the coming of winter, we have the perfect Game of Thrones party decorations and food for your GOT premiere party. 




Daenerys & Dragons

The dragons are back in the season six finale “Winds of Winter” and obviously, they need to be included in your party’s decorations . Buy this set of dragon wall decorations in the color of your choice to spice up any blank wall. You can also make these DIY dragon eggs for a dessert party decoration and stuff them with candy and dragon toys.



Brit & Co. 



House Stark, The Direwolf Den

For the ultimate Stark fan, create this paper wolf head to show your love. Just digitally download, print and glue together to make this wall sculpture. When your guests enter your home, they’re bound to know whose house they’re in. If you don’t have a cozy blanket already, buy a faux fur one to fit in with your Stark theme. After all, “the great war is here” along with a bloody season seven and everyone needs a blanket to shade their eyes from the gore. Lastly, pair your sculpture with a banner that says “winter is coming” or “you win or you die” to establish your party as the ultimate Direwolf den.







Indulge your party guests with three courses of GOT themed food. Below are some themed suggestions, but there is always the official cookbook of Game of Thrones to look to for more recipes as well. 


Appetizers – Deviled Dragon Eggs & Charcuterie Plate

Make a charcuterie plate filled with heaps of meats and cheeses for your guests to snack on. Add olives, figs and fresh baguettes to your large quantity of meat choices to make the platter look like a feast straight out of the show. Add deviled dragon eggs for a pop of color for your guests to chow down on as they watch Daenerys and her ships continue on their trip for West Westeros accompanied by her dragons.



Betty Crocker 



Entrée – Frey or Pigeon Meat Pie:

For the ultra fan looking to go the extra mile, try your hand at a homemade Pigeon Pie. Although the meat pie is traditionally for wedding feasts, you can make smaller pies to serve as the entrée to impress your guests with your GOT knowledge and baking skills. If this pie is too advanced, you can always make a Frey Pie Arya Stark style, minus Walder Frey’s sons, and replace with bacon and pork. The Frey Pie is easier to make and still gives your guests a hardy meal to enjoy.



A Table for Two



Dessert – Sansa’s Lemon Cake

Sansa is a huge fan of lemon cakes so why not indulge your party guests with her favorite treat? For the Finale of your meal, make nine single-serve lemon cakes with this recipe. Top it with lemon garnish for extra flair fit for Sansa herself.



Bon Appetité



Cocktails – The Crow & Mother of Dragons

Pick a couple of signature drinks that you can make for your friends that go along with your theme and preference. For beer lovers, try the crow by mixing Guinness beer with Chambord and blackberries. If you went with the Daenerys and dragons theme, match the dragon decorations with the Mother of Dragons drink by simply balling dragon fruit and placing it in a glass of sparkling rosé.



A Heaping Spoonful



How are you celebrating the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones? Let us know by commenting below with your favorite character and details of your premiere party. 

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