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Five Earth Day Activities To Make Our Planet Greener

Celebrate nature with five Earth Day activities that can help make our planet greener. All you have to do is change a few of your everyday habits. The outcome will decrease your carbon footprint and make a lasting impact on the environment. 



1. Stop Using Plastic Staws: Every day, 500 million straws are discarded in the United States that litter our landfills and oceans. In fact, that amount can wrap around the Earth’s circumference 2.5 times each day.


How You Can Help: Stop using plastic straws when dining out and request “no straws” or use a compostable option. Fewer straws equal less pollution and a happier ecosystem. 



2. Reduce Your Food Waste: According to the Natural Resource Defence Council (NRDC), 40 percent of food is wasted in America. Your extra leftovers not only eventually turns into the greenhouse gas methane, but it also squashes our natural resources that help produce the food we eat. 


How You Can Help: Pack a list when you go shopping to cut down on what you buy and pay attention to expiration dates. Try taking your restaurant leftovers to go and making new meals from your leftovers in order to be more eco-friendly. To learn even more tips about food waste and how you can make a change, visit Save the Food.



3. Reuse Bags: Did you know that it can take anywhere from 15 to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to break down, depending on the environment? Americans use over 100 billion plastic bags per year and these bags contribute to 10 percent of the U.S. coastline’s debris. 


How You Can Help: Start bringing in reusable bags to your grocery and convenient stores when you shop. When you carry your own bag, it will help reduce the number of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases used to produce the plastic bags and reduce the pollutants in your community. 



4. Eat Local: Support your local community and farms and purchase local ingredients for your meals. When you shop local, you help cut down the time it takes from your food to arrive from the farm to table and preserve fossil fuels.


How You Can Help: Support your local farmer’s market when you shop for groceries this week. This will cut down on transportation costs and provide you with more nutrient-rich and seasonal options. 



5. Decrease Paper Usage & Go Paperless: If every US household received electronic statements and canceled paper bank statements and bills, we could save 18.5 million trees a year. The easy switch to paperless bills also means that we could save 2.2. billion tons of greenhouse gases and 1.7 billion pounds of waste each year. 


How You Can Help: Receive your bank statements, pay your bills and ask your place of work to receive your earnings statements online. At IMT Residential, residents can pay their rent with our resident kiosk and with our new IMT Residential app available on iTunes and on Google Play stores in order to stay paperless.



Help planet earth with these few small changes that can make a lasting impact. Find more ways to become greener here and reduce your overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 



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