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Quick and Easy Easter Desserts For Every Occasion

We know the holidays take a lot of prep work, that’s why we have a list of easy Easter desserts that are both delectable and festive. Make with your kids for a fun activity, bake and bring to your family or friend’s house or serve at home, these recipes are perfect for any occasion. 




Love from the Oven



Magic Cookie Bars 

Total Bake Time: 35 minutes

Pastel-colored M&Ms gives this sweet treat Easter coloring and chocolate flavoring. The recipe is simple to bake with only d graham crackers, butter, sweetened condensed milk, coconut and chocolate chips.  





Kid Friendly Things to Do


Brownie Bird’s Nests

Total Bake Time: 35 minutes

Your kids will love this dessert because the brownies form a bird’s nest with the addition of the egg-shaped candies. Make the nest your own with a melted marshmallow or caramel filling. Make it a craft the for your family to add icing and customize each nest once baked.




Meatloaf & Melodrama


Spring Marshmellow Rice Crispies Treats

Total Bake Time: 15 minutes

As one of our easy Easter dessert, Rice Crispies treats are ideal for those with little to no baking skills. The delicious cereal only takes five minutes to bake. Add unique details like the Easter  M&Ms or purchase colored marshmallows to turn your bars into a perfect pastel creation. 



My Kitchen Craze


Easter Blossom Cookies

Total Bake Time: 30 minutes

Buttery yet crunchy, these sugar cookies make for the perfect Easter treat. Add the Hersey’s Kiss candy or leave it out, these cookies are completely customizable and only take 30 minutes to make. 



Two Sister


Easter Candy Popcorn

Total Bake Time: 5 minutes

The easiest item on our list, this Easter candy popcorn combines savory and sweet. All you have to do is pop your favorite popcorn and add the festive-themed Easter candy that works for your taste palate. You can also add melted marshmallows for those who like sweet and crunchy.



Loove From the Oven


Peeps Pops

Total Bake Time: 20 minutes 

Get festive with paper straws and sprinkles to create your perfect Peeps pops. In three simple steps, you can make this Easter dessert and repeat until you have enough to serve. Remember, Peeps pops only take 20 minutes to bake but you need to let the chocolate coating cool for one hour. 



Are you whipping up this year’s Easter feast? Not to worry, we have more easy Easter desserts, food and crafts on our Pinterest page that can help you plan your ideal holiday occasion.


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