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What Being Left Handed Says About You on International Lefty Day

From smudged ink and pencil marks to scissors and ringed binders that uncomfortably poke you in the hand, this is the day-to-day of a left-hander. Only ten percent of the world’s population is represented by left-handed people and they are living in a righty world. They might think differently and have other benefits from their right-handed counterparts but in honor of International Left Hander’s Day on August 15th, we discover who lefties are. There may be few in the world, but what does being left-handed say about you?



Left Handed People Are More Creative 

According to the American Journal of Psychology, left-handers are more creative and better at thinking that concludes in multiple solutions, not just one. They are also more likely to pursue creative careers in music, the arts and sports as opposed to right-handed people.  



Lefties Could Be The Key to Winning in Sports

Southpaws may have an edge when playing an opponent face to face. In sports such as tennis, boxing and baseball being left-handed means you have an advantage because you possess the surprise effect. Being uncommon, you can throw your opponent off with your skills, especially since there is an abundance of right-handers to practice on. 



Southpaws Are Fraidy Cats

Have you ever wondered why you don’t have an affinity for horror movies? It could be because you have a propensity to get afraid more than your righty friends. In a British study, researchers used the frightening movie, Silence of the Lambs, to elicit fear in participants. The result? Lefties experiences behaviors that were common in people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. They repeated their experience and gave scattered information more so than right-handed participants. 



Lefties Are Prone to Being More Hot-Tempered

Not everything about being left-handed is positive. In fact, lefties are prone to have hot tempers and harbor more negative thoughts. Lefties also have a harder time processing and expressing their emotions than their right-handed counterparts. 




Left Handers May Think & Hear Differently 

If you are a lefty, you may think differently than your righty friends. In a Stanford study, left-handed participants were more likely to choose items placed in a column on the left than their counterparts who chose the column on the right. Lefties also can more easily recognize slow-changing sounds like syllables or tones in voices.




Left-Handed People Represent an Impressive Group 

Left-handers represent a very impressive group including eight U.S. residents. Four of the last six presidents have been left-handed (Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush and Ronald Reagan). It doesn’t stop there. Some other famous left-handers include: 


Oprah Winfrey (Entrepreneur) 

David Bowie (Musician) 

Bill Gates (Co-Founder, Microsoft) 

Phil Collins (Musician)

Leonardo Da Vinci (Artist) 

Jimi Hendrix (Musician) 

Michelangelo (Artist) 

Lewis Carroll (Author)

Drew Barrymore (Actress) 

Lionel Messi (Soccer Player)

Tom Cruise (Actor)

Bubba Watson (Professional Golfer) 

Robert DeNiro (Actor)

Phil Mickelson (Professional Golfer) 

Sarah Jessica Parker (Actress) 

Rafael Nadal (Professional Tennis Player)

James Cameron (Director) 

Neil Armstrong (Astronaut) 



Know any other fun facts about left-handers? Comment below with your findings and let us know! 


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