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12 Fun Father’s Day Facts To Strengthen Your Father’s Day Trivia

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th. Although we celebrate it every year, there’s Father’s Day trivia that you may not have known about, until now! Go ahead, read the below, then feel free to show off your newly acquired knowledge and impress your Father with these Father’s Day facts when you take him out on his special day.


1. The first Father’s Day Card was made over 4,000 years ago by a Babylonian named Elmesu.


2. There are over 8,000 Father’s Day card designs and  74 million cards given each year on Father’s Day making it the fourth largest day to send holiday cards according to Hallmark



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3. Although George Washington was the first father of America, he never had children of his own. He actually adopted Martha’s two children from her first marriage.





4. The U.S., Father’s Day was actually conceived by a woman named Sonora Dodd when she was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. Dodd wanted a day to honor her father who raised his six children alone after his wife passed away.


5. The first Father’s Day celebrated in America was on June 17, 1910.


6. Father’s Day finally became a national U.S. holiday  in 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed it into law.




7. In America, there are over 70 million fathers. Of those, two million are single fathers and over 200,000 are stay-at-home dads.


8. According to a 2014 Psychological Science study, it is suggested that dads who perform more chores at home are likely to have daughters with dreams of higher paying careers.


Happy father teaching daughter to rinse plate in sink

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9. Fathers actually determine the sex of their offspring because they can pass along the X or Y chromosome, while mothers only pass on the X chromosome.


10. The state with the highest proportion for stay-at-home dads is South Dakota, while Utah is the lowest.



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11. The top four Father’s Day gifts for dad are: a special outing, clothing, electronics and gift cards, with a total price averaging $116.





12. The most common present is a necktie.






What’s your favorite fact about Father’s Day? Comment below to share a fact that we didn’t post.


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