What To Call An Ice Cream Sandwich When Abroad For National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream is great. Sandwiches are great. Together, they make a magically delicious hybrid. On August 2nd, America has chosen to declare its love for ice cream sandwiches nationwide, because what better way to celebrate the height of summer than with National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?  


Invented in 1945,  ice cream sandwiches became increasingly popular and were sold for only 1 cent each. Times have changed and ice cream sandwiches have evolved, both in price and in structure, as there are now alternatives to the classic ice cream sandwich using chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, a rice crispy wafer and more in place of the original chocolate one.


And, though our beloved Ice Cream Sandwich Day is technically only a national celebration, love for ice cream sandwiches has gone global, so there is no need to miss this magnificent holiday if you are abroad. Here is what the “ice cream sandwich” is referred to in other countries outside the U.S.A.



“ice cream sliders” 

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 Originally, “ice cream sliders”, also known as an “ice cream wafer”, were served as vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two rectangular chocolate wafers. However the term ice cream sliders has expanded to describe all ice cream sandwich variations.



“nougat wafer”

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A “nougat wafer” consists of a layer of nougat sandwiched between one wafer and a layer of wafers coated with chocolate around the edges. The nougat wafer replaced the popular “ice cream wafer” of the 1980s, which, as mention before, have been rebranded as “ice cream sliders” in Scotland and Ireland.



“double nougat”

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 Expanding from the nougat wafer, a “double nougat” is ice cream sandwiched between two layers of nougat wafers with chocolate coated edges.



“bánh mì kẹp kem”

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In Vietnam, an ice cream sandwich called bánh mì kẹp kem is commonly sold on the street as a snack. It consists of scoops of ice cream stuffed inside a bánh mì, topped with crushed peanuts.




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 In Israel, ice cream sandwich is commonly known as “Kasata” (קסטה in Hebrew). The name finds its origin in a variation of the Italian dessert Cassata, which consists of sponge cake and layers of ice cream. The Israeli Kasata, which today has little to do with the Italian Cassata, is fairly popular.  It usually consists of two thick biscuits holding a block of ice cream.



“bread-ice cream”

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The classic Iranian ice cream sandwich is called بستنی نانی meaning bread-ice cream, and is made with Iranian traditional ice cream in two pieces of wafer. Iranian traditional ice cream usually is made of shaked milk, eggs, sugar, saffron, sa’lab, rose water, or vanilla.



“potong ice cream”

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Potong (cut) ice cream is a type of ice cream popular in Singapore, which consists of two wafers holding together a block of ice cream. Nowadays, wafer ice cream vendors sell the same blocks of ice cream on slices of multicolored bread, on cones or in cups instead of sandwiched between wafers. It is interesting to note the differences between countries: Singaporean street vendors do not offer individually wrapped ice cream sandwiches like Australia does.



“giant sandwich” 

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Within Australia, ice cream sandwiches are given the commercial name of Giant Sandwich, which were originally distributed in distinct blue and pink wrapping.  In the Eastern sates, the commercial name Monaco Bar is more popular. But, much like Scotland and Ireland, the term “giant sandwich” has evolved to describe all variations of ice cream sandwiches. 


What is the best ice cream sandwich combination you have had? Let us know in the comments below!



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