Top 10 Donut Accessories for National Donut Day 2017

With only flour, sugar and lard available to them at the frontlines, the Salvation Army officers were able to make and serve donuts to WWI soldiers in the trenches in effort to bring the comforts of home to the brave soldiers serving our country. In 1938, to honor those of their members who served donuts to soldiers during WWI, the Salvation Army decided to declare the first Friday of June to be National Donut Day. As years have past, the popularity of donuts has increased, and with each passing National Donut Day came new ways to celebrate. To make this year’s National Donut Day special, here are 10 unique doughnut accessory must-haves that will put the glaze on top of this holiday.


1. An Actual, Free Donut: With National Donut Day being the first Friday of June each year, this holiday also serves as a great excuse to cheat on your summer body diet that has occupied your life before Memorial Day. And, with Krispy Kreme offering FREE donuts, you have no excuse but to eat a donut on this special day. While you’re there, give back to the National Donut Day creators by donating to Salvation Army at the mini Red Kettles at the registers.



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2. ‘Donut Go There’ Bag: This bag is a perfectly subtle way to celebrate National Donut Day while at work or during a night out. Plus, with a 7″ diameter, it is perfect for stashing a plentiful amount of donuts. 





3. Donut Inner Tube Pool Float: What makes a better Instagram post than one with a cute floatie? Besides, did National Donut Day even happen if you didn’t post it on Instagram? These donut pool floats are bound to get you as many likes as the calories in your donut. 



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4. Donut Mousepad: With this adorable donut mousepad, not even the florescent lights at work can dull your vibe. This mousepad is bound to bring a smile to your face, and some rumbles to your tummy.





5. Donut Inspired Shower Curtain: With this doughnut inspired shower curtain, you can celebrate National Donut Day all year long and prove that life is all about rainbow sprinkles and unicorns. Plus, with this change in bathroom décor, you can have a sweet start to your day, every day. 



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6. Donut Phone Case: Bring your love of donuts everywhere you go with a donut-inspired phone case by Casetify. With 12 different options to choose from, you’re bound to find the ideal donut vibe that fits your phone and personality.





7. Donut Round Beach Towel: Make a statement at the beach or by the pool with this circular donut towel. Fashionable and practical, this towel is for those who want to stand out among the normal beach/pool crowd.





8. Donut T-Shirts: With its tie-dye color and bright pink donut logo, these Odd Future donut t-shirts are perfect for any summer outfit. The brand has a variety of donut inspired clothing and accessories from backpacks to belts for those who want to go all out this National Donut Day.


odd-future-donut-tie-dye-pocket-t-shirt-_249774-front odd-future-donut-cyclone-tie-dye-t-shirt-_262647-front



9. Betsey Johnson Triple Donut Backpack: If your go-to bag is a backpack, this is the perfect donut accessory for you. True to Betsey Johnson’s style, this eclectic bag has a donut in the front with a colorful keychain and the classic pink flower Betsey interior lining.





10. Donut Mug: Make every morning sweeter with this unique donut mug. However, for those “no talkie before coffee” advocates, be forewarned that this mug is a conversation starter.



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Celebrate National Donut Day by purchasing one of these accessories or by simply going out and getting a free donut. Either way, your day is bound to get happier thanks to these delicious treats that were introduced to America during WWI.


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