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IMT Newport Colony Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On January 30, 2018

I just finished touring and had to take the time to express my experience. Brishell went above and beyond, answered my questions before I even had to ask. The community was so peaceful, and well kept. I wish I knew about this place years ago! Hoping to lease once I get my new job. Highly recommended.

Jordan, Thank you for stopping by IMT Newport Colony. At IMT, we strive to put our prospective and current residents first with customer service and are thrilled Brishell exceeded your expectations. We look forward to your residency at IMT Newport Colony!

On October 31, 2017

I LOVE my new apartment! It is a very home-y community and it is covered with beautiful trees. I submitted my work order on Friday/Saturday and when I came home from work on Monday the jobs were complete! A detailed description of the work done was left on my counter, so I was aware of what Jose had worked on. Overall I am very satisfied, and especially thankful for the timely manner that it was completed in! Thank you, Jose!

On October 16, 2017

I have had a great experience living at Newport Colony. I have just resigned to live here another year. My apartment is spacious, I love the large patios, pools are well maintained, it's quiet, all matinence requests have been answered within a day and pest control comes every Monday. Brishell, in the front office has been extremely helpful, friendly and patient with any requests or questions I have had during my time here.

On October 13, 2017

Julio was assigned to an urgent maintenance task involving the repair of the outdoor A/C compressor unit. Like a true professional, he arrived on time and worked diligently in restoring the unit's operation. After troubleshooting the unit and quickly determining the compressor wasn't pumping liquid as it should, he recharged the system and checked the indoor temperature. Julio also demonstrates an amicable and effective ability to communicate with tenants, as we were discussing that the unit was brand new and installed by Jose on my move-in date, another exemplary professional on the maintenance staff at IMT. Not being completely satisfied with the outcome of the recharge, possibly using instinct as a veteran maintenance technician he made a final check on the copper fittings that carry the refrigerant to and from the condensing unit and discovered a leak. Within about 15 minutes, he was torch welding the fitting in the dark of 7 pm. After living in several different apartment complexes, IMT Newport Colony by far as the best maintenance and office staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with. From the expedience demonstrated by the office to the friendliness and expertise of the maintenance staff, IMT Newport Colony has defined an enormous gap for me between 1st and 2nd place--they are miles ahead of any apartment community I've lived.

On October 12, 2017

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The property is also very well kept.

On October 6, 2017

We thought this apartment complex was going to be great. I don't like to complain but we decided to have a one year lease. The leasing agent named Megan showed us by map of where we can live. 1 red flag: She didn't show us the actual apartment and only showed the model which was a 2 bed 2 bath which she said that it wasn't that great but actually forced us to move to the 2-1. 2 Red flag: when it came closer to the move in date, we asked to inspect the apartment before moving in. She flat out told us no and had an attitude about it. Maybe our fault but we brushed it off. 3 Red flag: She didn't have us inspect the apartment until we actually moved in. We got in and it smelled like animal urine. We told Megan but she just smiled. They cleaned the apartment but it STILL smelled like animal urine. It took 3 times for them to shampoo the carpets. Then fleas and then we had an allergic reaction. 4 Red Flag: We made a list on what happened and it took them time to fix some of the things. 5 Red Flag: Megan had told us that the appliances were updated, WRONG!!!! It's 1970's appliances, the stove is old and outdated. No timer, You can't see the oven, the lights are office lights on the ceiling, looked like someone punched the doors and they just did a horrible job painting over it. I could go on but you get the idea. The management doesn't seem like they want to do anything AND you can't move into a new unit until after you're done with your lease. This is probably the first and last time we will be here. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND MANAGEMENT!

Rebecca, I apologize for the experience you are having at your apartment, and wanted to reach out to you about the issues you have mentioned in your review. We always want to make sure the resident feels at home and is completely satisfied with their move-in. It sounds like our carpet vendor and maintenance staff have been over to your apartment to address some of the issues you’ve had, but I’d like to make sure all your concerns have been answered. There was no full name left for the review so if you could reach out to the office at 407-332-0094 and ask for the Community Manager, we can go over everything and make sure that you get taken care of.

On October 5, 2017

I had the pleasure of working with Brishell over the phone as my wife and I were moving to the area from Seattle, WA. I started the process 1.5 months before we moved and Brishell helped us every step of the way. We corresponded through telephone and she wasted no time in sending us emails of apartment layouts and all the necessary information this rental property has to offer. Brishell made the process very easy for us and she should be commended for her attention to detail, professionalism, customer service, and commitment to follow-up and follow-through with tenant requests/concerns. It's not easy moving 3,000 miles across the country when you are unfamiliar with the moving location, but Brishell made sure we had an easy transition. When we arrived to the property to move in she greeted us with a beautiful smile, a warm welcome, and offering water while thoroughly explaining the lease agreement minimizing most of our long list of questions. We love it here and appreciate Brishell for providing us with such a smooth introduction to Newport Colony. Thank you for all that you do... The Clark Family!

On September 26, 2017

The staff at IMt Newport colony is great they're very helpful with faxing and emailing at times and making copies as you need them. And the maintenance crew is always on top of getting things done in the apartments and the outside.

Hi Kathy - I'm happy to hear that you are satisfied with the customer service you're receiving from both our leasing and maintenance teams! I will be sure to pass along your kind words. However, I notice that you only gave us a three star review, so if you do have any concerns that are not mentioned here, please contact us at the Leasing Office at your earliest convenience so that we may better understand how to improve your living experience at our community.

On September 19, 2017

Brishell is awesome, great customer service and always with a smile. New employee Marissa is also great and customer service oriented as well.

On September 18, 2017

I lived in IMT Newport Colony for three years. I liked the staff and the apartment, fort the most part, until move out. I am so disappointed with how they have treated me that 4 stars moves them to 2 stars. I have lived in many apartment complexes and have always received my deposit back until now. I gave them 60 days notice of move out, stopped by office to pay my prorated rent, dropped my keys, and cleaned the apartment. Still I owed them money. They sent me a bill for $208 after keeping my deposit. The phone conversations have been ridiculous. I would never recommend anyone move here.

Kim, Please give the office a call when you get a chance. Our office number is 407-332-0094. I would like to go over in detail what the final bill consist of. After reviewing your move-out statement, it looks like your vacate date was 07/22/2017. When rent was submitted for July, it was underpaid by $201.29. There was also your two final water bills per your lease agreement applied to that balance. When the security deposit was applied to your move-out balance, it left a total balance due of $208.85. I would like to go over this with you so that you understand what the balance consist of. I apologize for the confusion and look forward to answering any question you may have.

On July 26, 2017

I would love to say that these apartments are very Beautiful!!!... The staff members are Great especially Brishell Guzman from the office, she was very helpful with my tour there!... Definitely looking into moving here!!!

On July 10, 2017

I've been a resident since July 2013, and I appreciate many things about Newport Colony. The area is quiet, yet very well-kept. The maintenance is professional and very responsive when called upon. The office staff is very courteous and friendly (specifically Brishell, who keeps me up-to-speed on any complex-related issues...since my work schedule goes against the normal office hours...thank you!) Definitely give Newport Colony a look.

On July 6, 2017

Very impressed with the staff here. They are very friendly. I also have to say the one that stands out to me is Brishell. She's always smiling and extremely helpful no matter the circumstances. Always following up to make sure our problems are solved. Outstanding customer service and because of that I would recommend this place too anyone.

On June 29, 2017

Newport Colony is a beautiful establishment! Right when I walked in, Brishell was very welcoming and kind. We toured the area together and it almost seemed like I was looking at a vacation resort rather than an apartment complex. She made sure that I was happy with my experience at Newport Colony and I really appreciated it. I've had a few encounters that didn't go as well at other complexes and that's a huge deal breaker for me.

On June 17, 2017

Just recently toured Newport Colony and was very satisfied with my experience. I don t normally leave reviews, but felt compelled to send a shout out to the staff. The property was very clean and the landscaping was beautiful! When I arrived to the front office to tour an apartment I was immediately greeted by Jamar, and could tell he was very excited to show the property. My current lease is not up until a few months, but I will definitely be coming back to Newport to lease an apartment.

On June 14, 2017

Very professional and friendly staff. I usually talk to Brishell from the office and she has been very quick and knowledgeable when responding to any of my questions or concerns.

On May 30, 2017

IMT is awesome. They were more than accommodating during our moving process. They held an apartment for us for 2 weeks so we could move into the one we like best. We got new countertops and cabinets in our apartment and they are SO nice. Appliances are dated, but all functional and clean. CLEAN. This is the first place I've moved to that didn't have dust and dirt everywhere. They did a great job pre-move in. Brishell was our consultant and she was phenomenal. She answered any questions we had within the hour and made it all very clear and easy. Being first time renters out of college, my husband and I were afraid of getting screwed over, but Brishell, and all of the staff at IMT has been more than wonderful to us. The community itself is great. Quiet, and a good mix of people. The facilities are well kept and it has an overall laid back feel. I truly feel at home here!

On May 4, 2017

This is about as good as it gets. We've lived in several places, owning our own home for over 25 years. I have medical issues that prohibit me from doing the work around the house I used to love....landscaping, growing roses and other flowers and even mowing the yard. This apartment we live in is almost too good to be true!!! Perfect for two people age 65 plus. No "homeowner's association" sending nasty letters that I need to replace the roof on my house, remove five trees near the front of the house, repair my driveway, etc. No more $20,000.00 deductible on homeowner's insurance in case of a hurricane. We "rode out' Hurricane Matthew sitting right in our apartment. There was NO damage...power was out MAYBE three hours. All frozen food stayed that way!! The trees and foliage are so well kept we only had a few small branches on our in twigs. The power bill is so small it is shocking to us. The apartment is so energy efficient that just a bit of air conditioning works in 90 degree weather....we have a ceiling fan in our bedroom that was included with our apartment...we had to turn it off because it was cold!!! I mean, really!!! We have NEVER had a complaint from ANYONE during the two years we have lived here. The apartments are pet friendly, and all pet owners are very responsible. Our Shetland Sheepdog, Prince Viktor Alexandr (yes, I use the Russian spelling "Alexandr") is loved by everyone we know. Some of the young folks want to drop in to pet him when it's OK with us. If there is a maintenance issue, like a small problem with the air conditioner, it is fixed usually the same day. All the staff are stellar, and so friendly without being "gushy." There are several law enforcement officers from various municipalities who live here, and it's nice to know that, although there is never any all. One can walk his or her dog at midnight in this community. Just be cautious in this day and age of problems...that's all...this place is very, very safe. We have a screened in back porch, and one set of swimming pools is about a seven meter walk from our door. The appliances are great also. My wife and I have decided to make this our permanent home, and will live out our lives in this fine complex. And, get used to saying "Hi!" or other greetings to your neighbors....everyone is very friendly!!!!

On April 27, 2017

We recently moved from Massachusetts to Florida, Jamar from IMT made this transition very enjoyable for us. We submitted a work order for the minor issues when we first moved in, all of them fixed the same day! We had a tough decision to make moving into a community with site unseen but we were not let down with IMT, we are very happy with our choice so far!

On April 22, 2017

We chose Newport Colony for our college student. Nice apartment at a reasonable price. The area is safe and secure and there are nice amenities. We were pleased to find the management responsive and easy to work with. For example, we put in a maintenance request for the AC and it was completed in less than 24 hours. Happy!

On April 16, 2017

IMT Newport Colony was the best offer for the best deal in the Alatamonte Springs/Cassleberry area. The staff is warm and inviting, the grounds are well maintained, residents are friendly and the apartments are clean and spacious. Thanks Brishell for making the hardest decision to move the easiest with IMT New Port Colony.

On April 9, 2017

Never thought I'd write a negative review, but here it is. Living at this complex wasn't too bad, but the problems afterwards became clear. About a year after paying the pro-rated last month rent & water to Newport Colony via drop box outside of their office since they were closed (cashier check), my roommate and I received a notice on our credit statement claiming we owe collections the same amount of money we had already paid Newport Colony because they are claiming we never paid it.
A few things to note: 1. they never, not once, contacted either of us in any way shape or form; 2. they received both of our keys and cards to get into the gated community, but now claim they didn't get the money, which was in the same envelope as the keys; 3. how unprofessional they were by not contacting us from the beginning OR answering a single phone call- and we have called them at least a dozen times each. This establishment is unprofessional and disorganized.
I do not recommend living here, unless you want to not only have your money stolen, but also have a significant drop in credit without warning due to lack of ethical standards on behalf of Newport Colony's office.

Casey - I wanted to reach out and explain the owed balance left on your account. I do see that you submitted a money order on 06/03/2016 for $99.50. However, this payment did not cover the full amount due, which included the pro-rated amount of rent, and the water bill for 04/2016 billed that month. As mentioned in the “Utility and Service Addendum” of your lease agreement, upon move-out, the resident will have final water bills due as well as an account closure fee of $25.00. In your case, the water bills that were still due was for 04/01/2016- 04/30/2016 and 05/01/2016-06/04/2016. These final water bills were mailed to the forwarding address you provided on your notice to vacate. Since payment was not received for the owed water bills or the account closure fee, your account was sent over to our collections department. I would like to discuss this further so that I can bring closure for you on the owed balance. I apologize that you did not receive a prompt answer on this issue, and I can assure you our team here at IMT Newport Colony is willing and ready to answer any questions you may have. My name is Nick and I am the community manager here. I will be more than happy to help you with any questions in regards to this balance. The number to IMT Newport Colony’s office is 407-332-0094.

On March 26, 2017

The place is beautiful, tucked away, quiet, and actually made me say "wow" when i first walked into my apartment. I'm also a balcony lover, but holy moly this thing is massive and awesome! Getting my information to them was easy, and they kept in constant contact. There was one thing that really blew me away though. Jamar. He was my saving grace. We had been in constant contact all the way up to the day of move-in. After an unexpected dilemma at my old APT, traffic in ATL, running out of gas, and not being able to show up on Saturday until 7pm, he went as far out of his own way that he could to help me. He came back 2 hours after closing to let me sign my lease and get moved in. I don't have enough space or adequate words to speak highly enough of him. All I can muster is a thank you, his kindness will not and should not be forgotten, and he deserves every good thing coming his way.

On March 25, 2017

I need to say... this apartments are absolutely amazing. Very spacious... the pool is BEAUTIFUL, and the staff is incredible---- Shotout for Megan!... best atention!!!. The location is perfect. Perfect community....

On March 24, 2017

What a beautiful community. I went for a simple tour the other day out of curiosity and the leasing consultant who I met with Brishell Guzman has me sold. I am ready to sell my house and enjoy the easy living. What a gem the community is and what a star Brishell is. Thank you

On February 24, 2017

I have had a great experience being helped by Brishell. She was able to get me a place when I was under a time crunch and made sure it was what I was looking for an in my budget as well. I also really like the community and how quiet it is.

On February 8, 2017

IMT has the nicest staff and an awesome maintenance team! They've been really great to me ever since I moved in almost a year ago. The property is really clean, neighborhood is quiet, and everyone I've met in the complex is very friendly! I would highly recommend living here!

On January 26, 2017

My experience at Newport Colony has been extraordinary. My first contact was Jamar, He was very kind and He helped me out with every single detail to get my contract done. Also, Brishell as part of the office team helped us and was very professional. I couldn t ask for a better place to live. My family and I are very pleased.

On January 24, 2017

From the first time I walked through the door, the staff has always been very welcoming. Megan, Jamar, and Brishell always greet you with a smile. They are very professional but allow a relaxing friendly feeling when you enter. I know Nick is the manager but haven't had direct communication with him besides "hey how are you" in passing. If you every have a question or leave an email or voicemail, one of the three office secretaries will contact you right away and answer any questions you have. I have gone in to the office and totally forgot what I was going in for, but somehow they knew what I needed without me even saying it. I haven't worked with maintenance too much but Jose Murphy completed my request the last time I put one in. He was really nice and explained to me how to fix my dishwasher in case it messes up again. I like when people explain things. He sounded like he really knew what he was talking clearly he did because my dishwasher works perfect now. I intionally toured with Megan and signed a lease with her. Her personality is what sold me on the community as she kept us laughing and answered any questions we had. But now that I have been at IMT Newport Colony for a while, I have got to know the rest of the staff and everyone is really nice and very helpful. You can tell they love what they do and it shows in their work. I only need an apartment for a year while I finish school but who knows, I very well might stay if it continues to feel this much like home. I also like how you advertise $250 off rent when using the kiosk. That's really cool. Though the buttons are hard to read from the kiosk in the office, I like that there is one in the gym too.

On January 22, 2017

This place has been a blessing to my family. From the very first call to the Move-in date, Everyone has been so nice. Due to a job relocation we needed help getting moved in within a specific time frame. Brishell from the main office was fantastic. She made sure we got the model we wanted within the deadline we needed. It's so peaceful here and the neighbors are great.The office staff are always willing to help you on the phone and in person at the office. They hold packages for you and reach out to you for pick up. The maintenance crew are so respectable and always say hello as they pass you in the parking lot. The units are spacious and the grounds are clean. I haven't had any issues here and my family and i plan on staying here for many years to come.

On January 17, 2017

Brishell Soca Guzman was a huge help and a great asset to IMT Newport Colony! Thanks again Brishell!!!

On January 14, 2017

I live in IMT Newport Colony and love it. We have the friendliest office staff, especially Jamar Scott, who always remembers me when I pick up packages. We have lovely grounds with tree coverage so you can walk coolly most times of the year. The location is off the beaten path but still near everything. I am amazed at how quickly maintenance is performed. I am writing this review mostly because I am leaving soon to relocate to another area. I will miss living here and I want future tenants and the staff to know how grateful I am to have had a safe, friendly, and nice place to live. I have enjoyed it.

On January 11, 2017

I have loved living at IMT Newport Colony. Great staff and complex. The leasing office is very accommodating and incredibly pleasant. Jamar inparticular has really been great. Always punctual, nice and willing to help out with all problems. The complex is beautiful and the other tenants are great as well. I've had virtually no problems with other tenants which is a big change up from my past apartments. The apartments range from a variety of interesting styles which seem to fit most lifestyles. Highly recommend.

On January 8, 2017

Staff is great. Management isn't so good.

On January 5, 2017

My 4th month here and it has been great so far. My refrigerator has been acting up and I asked for a replacement and they replaced it for me. But the maintenance here is top notch. Especially Jose Murphy, who quickly came and found the problem to the refrigerator. He was nice, outgoing, and very efficient.

On October 25, 2016

Such a great company! The property always looks fantastic, and the staff is always happy!

On October 13, 2016

IMT Newport Colony is more than just a place to live, it's a place you call home! I've resided here for 4 leases and a transfer to a bigger upgraded apartment, over 3 years in total. I couldn't be more Happier than I am Today about living at IMT Newport Colony! My neighbors, have become friends, and are like family to my son and I. IMT Newport Colony staff, even those at the corporate level, make you feel grateful to call IMT Newport Colony HOME!!!

On October 8, 2016

I love IMT the staff is awesome and the community is great. I've been here going on 3 years and I have no complaints...You guys are awesome....

On October 4, 2016

I have been very happy with my experience so far in this community. Management was very helpful and kind. Maintenence has been quick to respond to anything needed. The neighbors are wonderful, it feels safe here, and I'm very happy we chose this complex!

On September 28, 2016

I have been here for about 5 months so far. There were a few minor issues that were taken care of once we moved in. We did have issues with bugs but they were taken care of. The grounds are kept up very well and the office and maintenance staff are very professional. I use the business office quite a bit and the staff is always willing to assist me as needed.

On September 12, 2016

I write this with the utmost appreciation for my experience with applying for an appointment at IMT Newport Colony. I am not yet a tenant but even more so now, I would love to be. I have always appreciated professional and enthusiastic customer service; Brishell Guzman excelled in both. She demonstrates excellent service and definitely is concerned about meeting your needs, with a pure heart not just business. I was taken back by her attentiveness. I am natural worrier and she kept me calm with her friendly positive attitude. Reputable customer service is hard to come by, that was not the case at all in regards to my experience with Brishell. Thank you, Brishell :-)

On September 4, 2016

Its ok. Not the worst nor the best. Over charged. Need to scrub the mold from the pool. Fix the hot tub, has only worked few times in 3 yrs. If thinking about renting, make sure they show u the apt u r actually getting, not the model. Some units are nicely remodeled and others still look like the late '90s. The amenities it claims to come in apts do not.

Tonia, I’d like to take the time to introduce myself. My name is Nick and I am the new community manager here at IMT Newport Colony. I apologize for the condition of the pool and your experience with the hot tub. I can assure you that we have our pool checked on a weekly basis as well as making sure the hot tub is always in working condition. We do have different styles in our apartments and have several mini models that we show residents to make sure the applicant is fully satisfied before leasing one of our apartment homes. Again, I am sorry for your past experience and if you would like to reach out to me to express your concerns my number here at the office is 407-332-0094.

On August 28, 2016

Feels like home and the forest feel is great. Brishell in the leasing office is the best! This place is tucked away off semoran which you'll learn to appreciate and it's really close to Publix and walmart, so anything you need is a 2 min drive or nice walk/bike away. The main entrance is actually right where the Seminole trail begins which makes jogs and bike rides really easy breezy.

On May 29, 2016

This place might have a few negative reviews from the past but I don't see it. I've been here for a year thus far and I am signing my new lease right now. I had one issue with the new neighbors below me. I think that the one-star reviews on here are from previous tenants that didn't pay their rent, received a 3-day notice and zero leeway, which to be honest, shouldn't be given. Look you get what you pay for and what I was looking for was a 2nd or 3rd floor 1/1, with decent amenities and that's what I got. If you want a gorgeous, quiet place to live, look no further. What a beautiful place to live.

On May 24, 2016

IMT has been awesome far. We had a couple unexpected issues when we first moved in, but they were taken care of by the next business day. The community is well taken care of and the staff is very personable and professional. But don't take my word for it, come experience it for yourself.

On May 21, 2016

As a resident I love this place, I've been here over a year and wouldn't wanna live anywhere else, I hope to stay here for many many more years, Nicole the property manager and the staff are very friendly and the maintenance team is on point, they get their work done as soon as you call about an issue, the property grounds are very well kept and clean, this is a great choice for your next home

On May 14, 2016

Now, I want to preface this by saying that we have yet to move in to this complex; however, I am writing a review based on what I experienced touring the apartment grounds and meeting with staff. Firstly, I have never met such helpful, friendly, and overall knowledgable staff in my experience with apartment-hunting. Grant was knowledgable and flexible; we took up a lot of his time with questions and an unorthodox touring style (two different groups looking for three different apartment sizes). He was definitely one of the best parts of the experience, since I think the relationship with apartment complex staffing is an integral part of the process. The layouts are all vastly different and offer multiple opportunities for differing styles (classic look vs. upgraded, fireplace included or not, tiles vs hardwood laminate, and more). Their grounds are incredibly spacious and not too close to the main road (Semoran). The neighbors we met were friendly and the amenities (jogging trail, two pools, gym, pavilion) were definite pluses as far as the complex is concerned. I was very impressed and, considering the amount of apartments I have seen in the last few years (and especially in the last two weeks), I would say this place was my favorite and is now at the top of our list. At the very least, you should check it out! Finally, I can't really judge based on noise, safety, or maintenance since I do not live there but, for everything else, I was very impressed.

On May 11, 2016

Work order was put in for the stove not workng right , the very next day Julio came and fixed the problem... very satisfied with the outcome....

On May 9, 2016

I absolutely love living in this community!! However, after residing in the same 2/1 bedroom apartment, I decided I was tired of living there. I had been waiting for a 3/2 to become available for the last few years...Finally there was one available and in the prime location! I just applied for it yesterday and awaiting approval. Looking forward to moving across the park to my 3/2 in June. It is being upgraded and that makes me even more excited! Great place for a family, where your neighbors become your friends and for your pets! Call IMT Newport Colony home! I do and intend on it for years to come.

On April 11, 2016

My roommate and I moved in this Spring and have had no complaints so far. Our apartment is quiet and cozy and feels like home. The staff and maintenance crew are highly professional, punctual, and very friendly. We had terrific customer service from Grant Gibson in the office who helped us find our apartment. We love being walking distance from the gym, pool, pond w/ walking trail, and the Kewanee trail (perfect for jogs, walks and bike rides). I definitely hope to stay here for a few years.

On April 5, 2016

I've lived at these apartments for over a year and it's been a pretty good experience. It's a quieter neighborhood/apartment complex which is a nice change from others. The office staff is always extremely kind, even when doing their marketing for renewals (which I've had other places be a little rude to get this part of their job done). They're great about holding packages and will go out of their way to help you if it's needed. I have really enjoyed living in this beautiful woodsy looking complex.

On March 11, 2016

Quick and efficient service, very professional and friendly staff as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

On March 10, 2016

Brishelle was a great tour guide. The apartments and pool area are beautiful! Would recommend this complex anyone!!

On March 10, 2016

Love this place! I just recently leased with Brishell, she was absolutely amazing and the rest of her staff was just as sweet and pleasant to deal with. I love my apartment and the location, the grounds are very well maintained and I can’t wait to relax by the pool this summer; Its gorgeous by the way !! :-) Something else that I love about this place is the setup of my two bedroom- its perfect for me and my roommate since the bedrooms are on the opposite side of each other.. Happy to say this is “ My Home”

On March 10, 2016

This property is very nice leasing agents are great brishell was wonderful she explained alot of details between the available apartments was very helpful the location is also great i like the property comes with alot to offer i definitely would recommend newport colony.

On March 10, 2016

I love the place It is wonderful. The people at the office are very friendly and helpful. The maintenance are always on time. I just renew my lease with Brishell and she was very helpful and she's always there to help when needed.

On March 9, 2016

My boyfriend lives here and I can't say enough about how wonderful it is. The pool areas are well maintained and make me feel like I'm on vacation. The office staff is very friendly and maintenance is always quick. I can't wait until my current lease is up and I can make this my home!

On March 9, 2016

Office staff is very friendly and they always remember my name. I've been here going on 2 years and for as large as the complex is, it is quiet. The last Chili Cook-off was a blast.

On March 8, 2016

I just moved in at the beginning of this month, but my experience with Newport Colony and its staff has been nothing but wonderful so far. Grant helped my roommate and I with our lease and move in. He was helpful and informative, and always responded quickly to any questions or concerns that we had. We put a work order in over the weekend and it was fixed on Monday before we got home. The unit was in great condition when we moved in and has clearly been well kept. Even though I haven't been here long, I would feel comfortable recommending this complex to friends. It is quiet and safe, and the staff is caring and efficient.

On March 3, 2016

I was in a huge delimna and the staff of the complex came through in my time of need. Not every complex would go out if their way to help a tenet but they did for me. They are caring, compassionate and understanding about their tenets. Can't say that about other complex's.

On February 25, 2016

Beware when you move out, they will try to charge you for more money. Account close fee, scheduler move out fee, cleaning fee, services fee. Etc. reading the terminated lease term very carefully.


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We appreciate all feedback, good and bad, as it helps us become aware of the areas in which we need to improve. We would like to apologize for your experience upon move-out. With the information you provided, we want to ensure you that it will not happen again. Also, thank you for your patience as we updated your move out statement, which I have spoken to you about this past Friday. If you have any further questions regarding your move out statement please contact the office. Our #1 priority is to ensure our community and resident service experience far exceeds the rest.

On February 12, 2016

My husband and I were apartment searching about two weeks ago, and a girl named Nicole in the leasing office was helping us. Although we were not able to choose IMT simply because of the location, I cannot say enough about how helpful Nicole was to us. Of all the leasing agents at the apartments we searched through, she was truly the most kind and helpful. And because we are relocating from Pennsylvania, she was even so kind and helpful as to go and take pictures of the actual apartments for us so we could see exactly what we would be coming home to in Orlando. We were so sad we couldn't choose IMT simply due to location, as it definitely would have been our first choice thanks to Nicole's graciousness and hospitality, as well as all the other wonderful reviews and recommendations. We just wanted to commend her on her commitment to her work and recommend her expertise to anyone who is searching for an apartment in that area.

On February 9, 2016

I have lived here for 2 1/2 years. Its nice and quiet. However the office staff is the worst I have ever seen. They always get an attiude every time you go in there and nothing gets handled in the first try. 3-4 min.

Dear Rodney,

Thank you for reaching out to voice your concerns. I’m truly sorry that you feel that way about the office team as we strive to provide elite customer service. I do hope you will give us another chance to provide you with the customer service all of our residents deserve. All and all, I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying your living experience here at IMT Newport Colony and have chosen to be a resident of IMT Newport Colony for over two years! Thank you for being a valued resident. If you have any further concerns, or if we can assist you further please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you and have a great night!

On January 28, 2016

Some of these negative reviews are hilarious to me, in that they seem to be coming from people who seem to have extremely toxic personalities and would be an absolute HELL to deal with, regardless of how well you serve them. RACISM? REALLY? Maybe you were just a slob! I've lived here in Newport Colony for almost 4 years now, right when the property was sold to IMT. My husband and I had seen the leasing office PRIOR to the transition and let me tell you, you would NOT have wanted to live here when there was a creepy clown doll lamenting across an old chaise lounge, overlooking the entire leasing office. I love what they've done with the community, and while I was at first remiss to have my old rose colored exterior walls painted over with brown, I have come to appreciate the change. My experiences with the office staff have been nothing but friendly. I've only ever had to complain about a neighbor's yappy little lapdog out on the porch for hours on end, and that's certainly no fault of the apartment staff. Any time I have placed a repair request, the maintenance staff has always been incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to resolve my issues. There have been a few instances in which the problem wasn't immediately resolved, but I don't expect a handful of nice gents working in maintenance at an apartment complex to be bottomless repositories of user manuals and repair solutions for any and all appliances. Sometimes it takes trial and error, but the situation is always taken care of! I have just renewed my lease! I still live here and I plan to live here until I buy a house, because THAT is the only thing that I would consider before uprooting myself from this lovely apartment, the quiet, pleasant community, and the fantastic apartment staff and maintenance team. Thank you for everything that you do!

On January 11, 2016

The leasing agents are amazing especially Grant. They are all super friendly and makes you feel welcomed.haven't moved in yet but from what I can see the apartment complex as a whole is super nice and clean!!!!

On November 17, 2015

Beautiful scenery!! I thoroughly enjoy sitting on my patio enjoying the fall evening air! Their staff is helpful and maintenance is on point when it comes to effectively and efficiently fixing any problems in my apartment!

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