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IMT Miramar Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On February 12, 2018

IMT Miramar has been my new home for almost two months now. I couldn’t have chosen a better community to call home. The grounds are well kept and the community is very peaceful. The apartment homes are all new with top of the line appliances, high ceilings, and spacious floor plans. When I was on my search for a new place to live I wanted to find an apartment where I could call home for a long while. The office staff is amazing! Jessica the community manager is very pleasant and she made my move-in process very smooth and kept me in the loop every step of them the way. I called her countless times while my application was pending and she never got annoyed with me once. She was a joy to work with and I can tell that she enjoys her career. Idryan also works in the leasing office and during every interaction, she was friendly and welcoming. Monifah who is also another employee gave me a warm welcome and showed me around the community. Also, I received a warm welcome from Victoria who also works in the office. With IMT Miramar there were no surprises along the way and so far it’s great. I don’t have any loud rowdy neighbors or people who stay up all night. I am very pleased that I decided to rent here.

On October 31, 2017

So far, so good. Everyone is helpful and friendly and the accommodations are very nice.

On October 29, 2017

I am happy to call this place my home. The community is beautiful and the staff are top notch!

On October 26, 2017

Quiet neighborhood and well maintained. The front office staff really do try to provide individualized customer service : )

On October 20, 2017

I moved in at the beginning of August. From the staff in the office to the maintenance people, they've all made my stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. When hurricane Irma was headed this way, they made sure the residents were taken care of. And with this being my first hurricane, that made me a lot more comfortable than I would have been without their efforts. Grateful to have found such a great place to reside for my first apartment on my own!

On October 15, 2017

This is going to be my 4th year living at IMT Miramar. The property is beautiful and well kept. We endured some damage from hurricane irma and the response time for clean up was amazingly fast. Our gate is still not functional but was told by Jessica that it was in production. I lived in another community during the time hurricane Wilma came along and it took months for things to get back to normal. The entire staff is amazing. They go above and beyond to address your concerns. The amenities are nice as well. The property is undergoing a paint project. I am sure it is going to look great once it is done. I plan on renewing my lease again and I am happy to call Imt Miramar my home. Thank you Jessica and the entire staff of IMT Miramar for making my living experience a pleasant one. I recommend this community to anyone looking for quality living.

On October 14, 2017

there are so many dogs in my building, they normally start barking at 7am, i have gone to the office about this issue like 4 times already, the lady in the front is useless. Beautiful place but definetly poor management.

Hi Chris, We are saddened to hear you are experiencing a problem with barking dogs. We understand that this impedes on the peaceful environment we aim to provide. We take noise complaints very seriously and we have specific procedures to attempt to remedy these kind of issues. If you are still experiencing this noise issue, we encourage you to call, email, or revisit the Leasing Office so we may discuss further courses of action.

On September 23, 2017

All light bulbs in this place have very uncommon sockets that I can't even seem to find in home depot or Amazon, they cost $11 each to replace if you have maintenance do it. The walls are paper thin and I can hear every step, spill, dog bark and conversation of my neighbors. I have gotten used to not being able to sleep in on weekends. The appliances look nice but are very cheap to use. There was an incident where nearly everyone in the complex got a bright orange parking ticket on their cars because there was no parking decal on it. Was never informed of a parking decal necessary when beginning the lease and when I asked about why this was never offered I was told "I don't know - I didn't handle your application". Other than that, the staff is nice and usually responsive. Location good for access onto FL turnpike, but I won't be renewing my lease.

Mr. Bonney, We are disappointed to hear you have had trouble finding the light bulbs at the local hardware stores; we always recommend taking the bulb with you for assistance. We use energy efficient bulbs as we are a LEED Certified Property. All of our appliances and bulbs are designed to use the least amount of energy. We charge $10.00 per bulbs to all of our residents if they wish for us to replace the bulbs for their convenience. We hand out parking decals to all our residents at the time of move-in, so we apologize if there was any miscommunication. In efforts to eliminate unauthorized parking and make sure all of our residents have a space to park, the towing company will place stickers on cars that do not belong on property. In addition, we take noise complaints very seriously. We invite you to come by the Leasing Office to report and discuss any problems you are having so we may have the opportunity to remedy this situation. We look forward to assisting you.

On September 11, 2017

My move in experience was such a great experience. Jessica really helped us out. She gave us a tour of the apartment complex and walked with us herself to see the apartment. I have an experiences with apartments before but I have never had the lease manager assist in the apartment evaluation. I thought that was extremely helpful because then damages that I might have never seen was noted. IMT has been such a great experience so far, and I would not change it for the world. I hope to continue working with them in future. THANKS IMT FOR A GREAT EXPERIENCE THIS FAR!

On September 4, 2017

DO NOT MOVE IN INTO IMT MIRAMAR!!!! I have been living here for about 9 month and my experience has been horrible!!!! This is the worst place I could ever live at!!! When doing the lease they told me my rent will be $1435 + trash and water, well I end up paying $1705 for 1 bedroom apartment. In addition to that every time it rains a lot the whole walk-in close and part of my bedroom carpet get wet, they came to tried to fix it but they never finished, they said they will change the carpet and they never did, a lot of my shoes got mold because of it and It started to affect my health by getting allergies. I have talked to Victoria personally and all she says is that she can not do anything about because she is not in charge of it, that Jessica is the one who takes care of maintance, but she is never working!!! These people just don't care about anyone!!!!! Parking is a nightmare, there are not enough parking spots and if you parks on the street you get a ticket... I'm very disappointed with this experience. I can't wait to move out!!!

Patricia, We are saddened to hear of your displeasure with our community. As per our previous conversations, you have a base rent, and in addition, you are responsible for your utilities and trash. When this is combined, it will amount to more than just the rent. We have also discussed your additional expenses incurred by failing to establish a Florida Power and Light account, which is required at the time of move-in. Unfortunately, if you make the decision to park in an area other than a parking space, you may be subject to a ticket from the city. It is imperative we keep the roadways clear for emergency vehicles. There is ample parking in the community, even though we are unable to guarantee it will always be directly outside your home. We have been addressing the leak you experienced; sadly, the one time you came by the Office, the Community Manager was unavailable. We invite you to discuss the progress made, or any additional concerns, either in person or via phone here at the Leasing Office.

On August 31, 2017

I recently moved in and had a great experience! The staff is so nice and really care. Thank you Sierra, Jessica and Victoria for making such a stressful time in my life painless. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a great place to call home.

On August 1, 2017

What an awesome move-in experience. I have rented in the past but this time it was different. The property manager Jessica made the application process so easy. Once I was approved, Jessica introduced me to the other members of her team who were great. Jessica showed me all the amenities that the property provided. Once I moved in, Jessica contacted me to make sure everything was okay and if there was any wrong with the apartment. During the week she continued to follow up with me to make sure I was okay. Every time I walk into the main club house I am always greeted by Jessica and her team. I can truly say that I feel like a part of the community and Jessica and her team makes me feel like family. They truly stick with the IMT motto, "putting you first!". Thank you for the wonderful experience and putting me first!

On July 31, 2017

What an awesome move-in experience. I have rented in the past but this time it was different. The property manager Jessica made the application process so easy. Once I was approved, Jessica introduce me to the other members of her team who were great. Jessica showed me all the amenities that the property provided. Once I moved in, Jessica contacted me to make sure everything was okay and if there was any wrong with the apartment. During the week she continued to follow up with me to make sure I was okay. Every time I walk into the main club house I am always greeted by Jessica and her team. I can truly say that I feel like a part of the community and Jessica and her team makes me feel like family. They truly stick with the IMT motto, "putting you first!". Thank you for the wonderful experience and putting me first!

On July 27, 2017

I visited IMT Miramar today and toured with Jessica. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She took her time showing me around and answered all of my questions. My move is contingent on a job promotion so my time frame to move is up in the air. I visited other communities in the area and I was rushed through tours because of my uncertainty. IMT Miramar was my last stop of the day and I was really contemplating if moving to South Florida was the right decision being that my interactions with people here thus far was so horrible. This was not the case at IMT Miramar. I really appreciate the time that was spent going over my different options. I never right reviews but felt compelled to do so because of how kind and compassionate Jessica was. If all goes well with this job promotion I will be calling this place home. Thank you Jessica for the great experience!

On July 17, 2017

Beautiful community with wonderful staff. They really care about their residents and take the time out to listen. I have recommended several co-workers to IMT Miramar and will continue to do so! I would of given them additional stars on this review if I could.

On June 22, 2017

Upon process my app/admin fee the communication was not great at all. I don't feel I was given enough qualification info prior to process of my payment . The follow up and care was not the same as it was prior to making initial Fees. Very unhappy that decision seem more biased than logical.

Hi Sheri, Thank you for your comments as we appreciate and utilize all resident feedback in effort to provide the best experience here at IMT Miramar. I apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication that lead you to be disappointed with the application process. I calculated the income verification you provided, using a projection of bonuses and base pay earned year-to-date, and the amount was unfortunately still shy of the mandatory three times the monthly rent amount. During our initial conversation, I understood you had a second form of income that would bridge the gap. When I was unable to reach you via phone, I responded to an email within the same day requesting you forward proof of the second form of income. I did not receive any additional information from you, so we were unable to approve the application. Per your request we have cancelled your application and processed the refund of your holding fee. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us here at the Leasing Office.

On June 20, 2017

Thank you IMT Miramar staff for a smooth move-in experience! Moving from out of state was stressful and IMT made it easy and the staff were always helpful. We are happy with our decision, we love the area and our new apartment! Thank you!

On June 14, 2017

Nice community complex always kept clean (besides those with dogs that don't clean up behind them). Management was very welcoming when I first moved in. Amy made the move in transition as smooth as possible and Paulino was great help as well. After a few months of questioning the billing, speaking with Amy and Jessica numerous of times about estimates of water/ sewer charges and how exactly they are being billed, I was left in a loop as well as the casual response "I'm looking into it and will get back to you." To this day, I have not yet heard from anyone. I gave up calling and going into the office with this matter and decided not to renew my lease. The apartment and complex is nice but to be paying $1550+ for a 1 bedroom and never utilizing the amenities is a waste. Maintenance usually comes the same day for service requests. The location is great and convenient and I've never had an issue with noise or neighbors. I can agree the parking is terrible! I live in building 5 and apparently management only utilizes residents on the east side of the leasing office because there is never any parking there however, parking is more vacant on the other side near the dumpster and dog park (about 1/2 mile away from my building). Coming home at 11:30 at night and having to park so far away is annoying. Their only response is purchase a garage instead of issuing warnings/tickets or towing those whose vehicles are not registered to the complex. Hopefully I won't have the same issue as the previous person when time to move out next month and collect my deposit. If so, my review will be updated.

On May 5, 2017

I had an awesome experience at IMT Miramar. The staff was friendly and very professional. I worked with Paulino and Jessica and they both were such a pleasure to work with. They provided top notch service! It was such a pleasure and I would recommend IMT Miramar to anyone looking for a 5 star community.

On May 4, 2017

I have lived here since 2013. I love my apartment and all the amenities. During my residency there have been several changes in management but I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the service I receive from Jessica and her staff. They are very attentive and truly care. Maintenace is great as well. Request are resolved quickly and efficiently.Yes parking can be inconvenient at times but that is not their fault. I dislike when I have to walk a ways from my apartment but that's a given when you don't own a home. I give this place and the staff 5 stars! They are an amazing group of professionals!

On May 3, 2017

This is the worst place to stay at. There's never any parking anywhere and people who live in the complex are getting parking tickets. They have no resolution on anything and aren't helpful at all. All they care and is charging you more and more money.

Dear J Fran - We are very sorry that your stay with us has not met your expectations. I want to assure you that there is plenty of parking on our community, however, we understand that it may not always be directly in front of your building, and that it can be inconvenient to have to walk from another part of the community to your apartment. This is why we offer our residents the option of renting a garage should they want to reserve a spot. As far as the parking tickets that are being distributed, that comes from the City of Miramar, not from our management. Cars that are creating their own parking spots along the curbs receive a parking ticket because it inhibits emergency vehicles, such as an ambulance or fire truck, from having access to our buildings should they need to assist someone having a crisis; this is a city violation. I am sure you can appreciate this. We would love an opportunity to speak with you in effort to find a resolution that will work for everyone. Please feel free to call me or stop by the office at your earliest convenience. Best Regards, Jessica Villanueva-Thompson/Community Manager

On April 27, 2017

I have lived here for 3 years. Our new management team has been the absolute best. Each time I have a service request, it is repaired or resolved the same day. Jessica, the office manager, went above and beyond during a very stressful recent experience. She helped me out in every way she could and also made the process as uncomplicated as possible. I really appreciate that! I am very happy with our new management team.

On April 2, 2017

Overall the experience has been great in terms of style of living. The staff has had good response time which has made the process so much easier. I do think there is room for improvement in terms of parking spaces per building. Designated areas allow renters to park within their own perimeter around the building they are in, while large parties of guests can still enjoy a short walk to a designated area without taking away from the day to day renter. (purpose of decals)

On March 24, 2017

We just moved in to IMT from overseas and everything has been wonderful. I worked with Paulino in the leasing office for over a month from Japan and he put me at ease and helped us to find the perfect home for us. Not to mention continually kept us in the loop from the very beginning all the way until we moved in this week and as a military family moving to a brand new location, there's not much else you could hope for. He was great and we LOVE our townhome. Plus IMT is in the best location in Miramar. So many shops and restaurants close by, and right off on FL 70 for my husband to easily commute to work.

On February 9, 2017

Awesome community. Staff are super friendly and helpful(Amy especially). I absolutely love it here! I honestly cannot complain. If you ever decided to reside at IMT Miramar trust that you will NOT be disappointed.

On January 29, 2017

Words can't express how happy I am at Imt Miramar. I have lived here for since 2014 and the staff is amazing. Jessica and Victoria are super sweet and really care. They go above and beyond to help. Norberto is also great. He is very pleasant and always helps me in carrying my packages. My apartment is beautiful and the property is very clean. My only complaint is the constant tailgating that happens. Overall, I love this place.

On January 25, 2017

I've been living at imt for a week now and I loove it! I love the apartment, especially the kitchen and bathroom, the amenities are just fantastic and the staff is amazing, especially Paulino, he's always on top of everything, also the maintenance guy Johnny is great, we had two minor requests and He fixed them right away. The community is really calm and very well kept! I highly recommend imt Miramar.

On January 16, 2017

Recently moved in and it has been by far a great decision for me and my children. The staff are phenomenal and it was away move and management Jessica excellent customer service ,very involved and caring. Giving it all the glory, quite and peaceful thus far .

On December 29, 2016

I am not sure how the community was prior to my arrival but I can tell you that they are very professional and attentive. Amy, Victoria, know what everyone who is on staff is wonderful. I appreciate the maintenance staff as well. Even though there are a few items that have not been corrected they are very concerned and always follow up. I get busy and forget that I need them to come back so that's my fault but I love the customer service.

On December 16, 2016

Lived here for over 3 years. The office staff is always helpful and the maintenance department is great as well.

On October 30, 2016

This is absolutely the best apartment complex I've ever lived in! The girls in the office are absolute dolls. I'm a little embarrassed to say but I had a slight problem with my mail "which isn't even their problem" but they were so patient with me and helped me figure it out quickly and easily. I absolutely love living here!

On October 19, 2016

I lived at IMT Miramar for one year, and only recently moved away due to a longer than expected commute to work. My one-bedroom apartment was spacious and so well-built that I had virtually no maintenance requests for the entire length of my stay. The apartment complex managerial team, Victoria and Amy, led by Jessica, was always very helpful and made me feel "at home." IMT Miramar is also conveniently located to every retail store and service imaginable. I highly recommend it!

On October 15, 2016

Beautiful grounds & amazing office staff!! Definitely a place that brings the convenience of Miami living yet not the beyond outrageous costs. Love the 24-hour fitness center when I was living here.

On September 30, 2016

Parking is a struggle but everything is else is pretty nice.

On August 25, 2016

I love my townhome at IMT Miramar. I have lived here since it was called Modera and there have been a lot of staff changes. I have to say that I adore the ladies in the office. Jessica, Amy and Victoria are the best. They always make you feel like home. The amenities are beautiful and I especially like the dog park. The ladies always greet my dog Bo with a treat when we visit the office. It has gotten to the point that I can't walk him passed the office without him pulling me to go in. My only complaint is that not everyone picks up after their dog. Other than that i love this place and do not plan on leaving!

On June 30, 2016

I requested a part to be replaced on the fridge and it was done next day. Fast and efficient. Norberto was kind and found the part in no time.

On June 25, 2016

I have been living at IMT Miramar for almost 2 years and the biggest issue I have with the complex is that the security gate, when broken, takes forever to fix. The gate is current broken and has been broken for almost a month now. Don't give the impression that this is a gated/secured complex because its not. Other than this issue they would have gotten 4 stars. I absolutely love the front office staff, Amy and Victoria are just wonderful


Thank you for your review. We are always pleased to hear resident feedback. It helps us continue to strive in offering our residents a comfortable living environment. We understand and apologize for the inconvenience caused by the gate. Unfortunately, during a heavy summer storm, it was struck by lightning. Several parts have been on back order, which is out of our control, but we anticipate that it will be fully functional very shortly. We welcome you to stop by the Leasing Office any time to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

On May 31, 2016

I've lived at IMT Miramar for approximately 2 and a half years and have loved being here. Sadly the only reason I'm leaving now is to be closer to work.

I would recommend this community to anyone. The amenities are great, the building is beautiful, the apartments are spacious and modern, and more than anything the new management staff is incredible! They are all a pleasure to speak to and any concerns raised are quickly addressed. I'm truly grateful to all of them for all the positive changes they have made and I am sure will continue to make to this community.

Regarding the parking issue addressed by other reviewers, please note the current staff did not build this community and have been prompt to place methods to ensure better parking for all the residents. The situation has greatly improved since then.

The quality of a great living community is greatly reflected by the attentiveness provided by the incredible staff found at IMT Miramar. I couldn't have asked for a better place to live!

On May 24, 2016

Norberto is outstanding. He goes above and beyond to ensure all service request are addressed in a timely fashion. His service is outstanding!

On May 1, 2016

Have been living here for about 5 months now and love this community. It feels safe at night and the grounds are beautiful. There have been a few minor maintenance issues, but they have been fixed quickly once I notified the office staff. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

As others have stated, parking has been an issue here that the staff is working to fix and is improving. There is always parking on the other side of the complex (a short walk), so there is no need to park in the street or in undesignated areas.

Over all, I rate this as one of the best facilities in the area. After looking at 8 other places in this area, this is where I call home...

On February 28, 2016

IMT Miramar is a great community. I love my townhome and all the amenities the property has to offer. The office staff is amazing and really make you feel at home.I definitely recommend this place!

On February 26, 2016

Where do I begin? IMT Miramar is one of the best communities in Miramar. I recently moved into the community 2 months ago and I am just in love with the staff, my townhome, and the wonderful amenities that comes along with the property. Since the beginning Jessica, Nicki, and Amy have been very helpful. These three wonderful ladies made my family and I feel welcome from the very beginning. I never told them this, but the day of move in we walked into the office and saw our names on a board stating “Welcome Home” just by seeing that we knew we made the right decision in moving to IMT Miramar. If you’re searching for an impeccable resort style friendly community IMT Miramar is the place to be.

On February 23, 2016

IMT has some of the best staff you can ask for the four beautiful women at the front are just great.The maintenance men are really good as well. Overall this is a great place to live.

On February 14, 2016

dont have parking for residents vehicle

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your feedback. We are completely aware of the ongoing issue with parking in certain parts of the community. We are currently addressing this by distributing parking decals. We anticipate having this process finalized by mid-March. By implementing these decals it should alleviate the current parking issue. We at IMT Miramar appreciate your patience and cooperation in this matter. Should you want to discuss our parking plan in more detail, please feel free to contact me or stop by at your earliest convenience. We appreciate your residency with us and will be working diligently to address your concern

On January 1, 2016

Im a resident of IMT Miramar. If I would be reviewing the property, yeah it is amazing. Everything is so beautiful. However, the customer service is awful. Since I moved in, the washer and dryer has been broken, and as today 9 months later is still having issues. I wouldn't recommend anyone to move here since what you pay for rent is not worth it.

Dear Deyanira,

I am sadden to hear that you are unhappy with our level of service. It is very disturbing to hear that you have been dealing with an unresolved issue with your washer and dryer for 9 months. Please contact the office at your earliest convenience with your apartment and building number so that I may personally ensure that your issue is resolved. I would love the opportunity to sit down and speak with you to discuss any other issues you may have so we may change your opinion of us. Here at IMT Miramar we pride ourselves on our customer service and would appreciate the opportunity to turn your negative experience into a positive one.

On November 26, 2015

I recently moved in at the beginning of this month I truly love it. It is definitely resort style living. Extremely simple to pay rent as there is a kiosk in the front. Hottest 😊😍 staff in town and they are sweet. I only wish they had a Jacuzzi other than that I give it a five star rating. From the valet trash, to the beautiful kitchens, resort style pool and resort style homes. I totally recommend IMT Miramar. O can't forget that Immaculate clubhouse. Plus it's In the heart of Miramar, location, location, location people!!! #fivestar!!

On November 17, 2015

I love this place! It is beautiful and the staff that I met were all very friendly. Nikki, who did the tour, was very upbeat and was very great at answering all my questions. Everything was updated, new, and looked awesome. Without a doubt if I had not had chose to live closer to work; I would have definitely lived here. Definitely 5 stars!!

On June 24, 2015

great place to call home!!!! i love it, the grounds, the staff the whole shabang! great team at imt miramar very helpful and nice.

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