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IMT Lone Tree Reviews
IMT Resident's Voice Survey Results
2017 Fourth Quarter
On October 21, 2017

Mathew Gallagher very helpful and friendly when setting me up in my new place!

On October 18, 2017

Keep looking. Everything seemed great when we first moved in, until we had a problem with our upstairs neighbors causing huge issues, including threatening us. The management at this place is horrible, cold, uncaring, and pretty much useless. They placed me and my family underneath a very volatile situation which they were well aware of and are now "helping" us by offering to switch apartments only after we've paid the remaining balance on our current one, even though we haven't done anything wrong. Can't wait to leave. Don't get sucked in to their facade. The only positive thing here was our leasing agent Derek.

Hello Sarah, Thank you for taking the time to review our community. We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your neighbors. While IMT does take these matters seriously, there is a process that must be followed when addressing neighborly disputes. In order for us to seek remedy, 3rd party validation is requested. We have made several attempts to discuss and address the issue with you, as well as the other party. While we want to help, it is difficult to do so without your assistance. Anytime you have an after-hours complaint, it is very important that it is reported to both the property management company as well as proper authorities. We have made several attempts to find resolution, but we are still in need of your cooperation. I would like to thank you again for your residency and for taking the time to share your experience. If you have any additional concerns, or if you would like to further discuss the possible solutions we have provided, please feel free to contact me directly. I am in the office Monday-Friday from 10:00 am- 5:00 pm.

On October 16, 2017

We moved into this apartment almost a month ago and my husband I couldn't be happier with our experience thus far. Mathew Gallagher was our leasing consultant and he worked with every step of the way. He was never hard to get a hold of but on the off chance he was unavailable, he always promptly returned phone calls and responded to emails. He even really helped us determine which apartment (building and style) would be perfect for us. He made us feel very relaxed and confident during our moving experience bevause of how personal everything was. Furthermore, the location of IMT is fantastic! Everything you could want or need is only minutes away but it doesn't feel like your sitting on top of all the commotion. If your looking for a place to call home, I highly recommend you check out IMT at Lone Tree and talk to Mathew because you won't want to look anywhere else.

On September 22, 2017

I could go on and on about Mathew Gallagher, my leasing consultant throughout my stay at IMT Lone Tree. Back in 2016, we applied for an apartment in the Lone Tree area. From the start of the tour, Mathew showed us what this amazing property had to offer. He showed us the amenities, the home, and from there we were sold! Mathew was able to offer us a great deal on the apartment of our dreams - we came from a place in Eastern Colorado. After moving in, we were welcomed with a move-in gift with a personal card signed by him! It was so thoughtful We had a few minor issues with our home after moving in, but Mathew made sure that we were well taken care of. The maintenance staff was great, it's offered 24 hours a day! The reason that we moved here was because of Mathew Gallagher and the reason we that we moved out was because we purchased a home, we would renew again if we remained in Lone Tree. I highly recommend living here, they really take great care of you. Every time I walk in the office, I get an amazing greeting from the staff. Thanks for making me feel welcome Mathew, and I will send every friend your way!

On September 22, 2017

Great location, great customer Service and well maintained apartments!

On September 18, 2017

Mathew was my first contact @ Lone Tree & who I prefer to deal with on anything & everything. The entire staff @ IMT Lone Tree seem professional & great. Mathew is extremely professional, positive, supportive, nonjudgmental, confident, & goes out of his way to assist you while at the same time offerring very clear & direct communication so all questions are clearly answered. I always know he is looking out for his clients in a very genuine way. I recommend him 110%.

On September 17, 2017

Matthew was really helpful from showing the apartment, leasing and moving in. He was very prompt in replying to my questions before the move in which made it is easier on the moving day. Keep up the good work Matthew.

On August 27, 2017

Matthew is the best. Super compassionate, helpful & goes above & beyond. Great maintenance response overall.

On August 21, 2017

All three leasing agents were wonderful! Exceptional service! I have looked at over a dozen apartments and none of them had staff that were remotely as friendly and professional as IMT Lone Tree. IMT was not particularly my first choice, but the staff sold me!!! Good service really does make a difference! I will have to update my review after I've moved in and lived there for some time.

On August 20, 2017

I have been living at the IMT Lone Tree for almost a year and am very happy with my home! All of the staff are amazing! The maintenance crew have went above and beyond any time I have needed anything. My apartment is beautiful and located within walking distance to all the fun things I.e. Light rail, movie theater, bowling alley, and tons of great restaurant options. I am renewing my lease for another year and am super happy with my decision.

On August 4, 2017

We moved here in January 2017 at first everything was going great after a few months passed it was done hill neighbors are horrible always harassing one another the leading staff is un professional always blaming the people staying here always you get some kind of notice for something simple especially watch out for the maintenance they always have some excuse of why and how they didn't receive the invoice that u need something fixed and I found out when they come in your home they do a check while working to see if you have broken any lease agreements even the parking here is horrible I can't even park here I have to park blocks away I notice one night when walking my dog I notice a tall big guy with a yellow vest walking around the cars in the neighborhood looking in them and such I approached him and asked him what he was doing he was the towing gentleman I he told me various things that I never knew the leasing office could do to you if they have issues with you over all this apartment complex is run down outdated and needs big changes I realize i won't ever come back just rally go threw all the reviews some seem fake

Hello Mr. Brown, Thank you for providing your feedback, as IMT Lone Tree values the opinions of our residents. We also place a high value on the quality of life we provide, and we do our best to facilitate an enjoyable living experience. By utilizing a lease agreement, we are able to ensure that the terms are outlined clearly for each of our residents. In order for us to provide an enjoyable community for residents abiding by the aforementioned contract, it is necessary to issue lease violations to hold offending parties accountable. If a violation occurs, there is typically follow up from the IMT team to ensure it has been resolved, and no further action is needed. We are sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed your residency. Should you have any questions regarding the community policies or your lease agreement, please feel free to contact me directly Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Thank You,

On August 2, 2017

I'm going on my second year here at IMT Lone Tree. My move in leasing agent was Roland Fields, who was great! I recently decided to move into a two bedroom. Mathew Gallagher assisted me with the transfer and was very helpful. He helped us get the apartment we were interested in and at really a low rate.

On July 31, 2017

Great experience! Just moved in and it seems like a great, welcoming community. Mathew Gallagher made sure that our move-in went smoothly with his quick responses and helpful guidance through the whole process!

On July 26, 2017

We just moved to Colorado and the warm welcome we got from IMT Lone Tree was just what we were looking for. We moved in 4 days ago and so far so good! After we completed our walk through we had a few things we wanted maintance to fix and they were here in no time and took care of everything on our list while being super nice and professional!

On July 17, 2017

Mathew Gallagher is wonderful, He stayed in constant contact with us throughout the moving process. We are very happy with his service and the apartment unit. I would recommend this place.

On July 6, 2017

Nick Dibella went above and beyond - great customer service, hard work, and diligence in making sure we had hot water and were satisfied and happy. Three days of cold showers/baths and we were extremely unhappy with IMT. Nick came by three times to relight the H20 pilot light (Friday, Saturday & Sunday), he replaced the thermo-coupler on Saturday and checked back in with us a few hours later to make sure things were working correctly and we had hot water (we didn't). He did a few more tests and determined that a gas valve wasn't working and had to give us the bad news that we would not have hot water again, he promised to make the repair on Monday after picking up a part at Home Depot. We both enjoyed a hot shower Monday evening thanks to Nick's excellent customer service!

On June 16, 2017

I moved in about a month ago, so far I had a pleasant experience. Anything that went wrong they had fixed immediately. I would recommend this place.

On June 13, 2017

Mathew Gallagher is a wonderful leasing consultant! The move from Indiana was made easy with Mathew's help. Whenever we have questions, he is there for us. IMT is a great place to live! I would definitely recommend it for someone who is looking for a nice place to stay with many different things to do.

On June 13, 2017

The move in process was quick and hassle-free. The community is nice and well-kept, and the valet trash is a big plus!

On June 1, 2017

I've never been this happy with an apartment complex. They really do a lot to make sure the residents are happy here. They are very reasonable and accommodating with requests. Everyone from the office staff to the maintenance staff (especially Kim) are really helpful. Definitely glad I found this place :)

On May 24, 2017

I've been living here for a few months now and I LOVE it! The staff is great! The manager is amazing and answers my EVERY question. The surroundings are very clean and well maintained. Maintenance is very efficient and quick! I couldn't live in a better place! I will definitely be renewing my lease!

On May 10, 2017

I've been here for a couple of months and I'm very pleased! From the leasing agents to the manager who personally introduced herself! Their maintenance team is awesome and super fast! The surrounding areas are super clean and well maintained! I'm looking forward to renewing my lease!

On May 8, 2017

Lived here for a year and its horrible. This place has a revenue sharing agreement with the local tow company that prays on residents by going above what is required by local law, constant "inspections" for lease violations, rude office staff, dogs off the leash like it’s a dog park with no clean up, and maintenance crews that can't follow simple instructions like call or even knock before entering. There are plenty of other options out there so I highly suggest looking elsewhere before this place robs you ever so politely.

Hello Derek, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. IMT values our residents and strives to provide a positive experience for all. For that reason, we work to uphold the terms agreed to in the lease agreement. While we do not purposely have our residents towed, we do ask that all vehicles parked on property have proper permitting, current license/registration, are in operable condition, and are parked in a proper fashion. In order to ensure that there is enough parking for all of our residents, we do allow a 3rd party tow company access to the community and remove vehicles in violation. I want to be clear that IMT does not profit in any way from vehicles being towed. We have also recently completed a preventative maintenance visit in many of the apartments in the community. These visits were planned, and a 24 hour notice of entry was provided to each apartment. During these preventative maintenance visits, we changed the air filters, checked the operation of hot water heaters, the furnace, appliances, fireplaces, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and checked the overall condition of the home. While inside the home, we also noted any lease violations. As stated previously, IMT works to ensure that the lease agreement is upheld and will ensure violations are addressed. Should you ever witness any violations including dogs of leash and/or not being picked up after, please do not hesitate to report them to the office. If you would like to further discuss your concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm. Thank you again for your residency and your feedback.

On May 5, 2017

I'm on my 4th lease now, I love this place, it's great for me and my family. The front office staff is amazing and I can't say enough about the maintenance staff. Steve and CO are fantastic. If you're looking for a place to stay, and you want to be happy, IMT Lone Tree is the place to be.

On May 2, 2017

I've been here for a couple of months and I'm very pleased! From the leasing agents to the manager who personally introduced herself! Their maintenance team is awesome and super fast! The surrounding areas are super clean and well maintained! I'm looking forward to renewing my lease!

On April 18, 2017

Matthew was the best! He was super nice and very helpful! He even let me know some great local deals. He has been the most pleasant person I have ever worked with when trying to find an apartment!

On April 12, 2017

From the moment my roommate and I sought out our apartment search at IMT, Mathew was more than helpful. His genuine care, knowledge, and effortless abilities to connect with my sister and I, were all impressive. As a resident at IMT, he is still very helpful and always friendly. Management here, is definitely different than most other places, in the upmost positive way. I will definitely recommend IMT to anyone!

On March 25, 2017

I love these apartments. The outdoor amenities are awesome, the year round heated pool and spa, new BBQs, Fire pit and sundeck are amazing. The indoor amenities are excellent also newly upgraded gym and fitness room, The business center is top notch. The office staff is friendly and maintenance is on point. The community is very clean and the residents are friendly. Its like resort living at your home!!

On February 22, 2017

Our apartment is nice, the grounds are well maintained, the staff is exceptional, we love the pool being heated and opened year round, the remodeled workout spaces are fabulous, and we really enjoy the community parties they put on; the pool party at the end of summer, the kids loved the craft over the holidays, and tonight's Bingo party (catered by Cranellie's - YUM) was a lot of fun!!

On February 14, 2017

I have lived here since August of 2015 and I absolutely love it. Of the 5 different places I've lived in the last 10 years, this is far and away #1. You can't beat the location. It's within walking distance of the light rail station, quick access to I-25/C-470, and right next to a ton of restaurants/shopping/grocery stores/parks/you name it. Having lived in Colorado, I can't remember having lived at a more convenient location. The maintenance staff is the absolute best. Any time I've put in a maintenance request, it's been fixed within just a few hours, and they go above and beyond. For example, my shower curtain rod had fallen down and even though I tried, I didn't know how to put it back up. I put in a maintenance request around 1 PM, leaning the shower rod against the wall of the shower, and setting my shower curtain on the floor of my closet. I left to go get some groceries at about 1:30 PM, and when I came back at 2:30 PM, not only had the rod been put back into place, but the maintenance technician had taken time to re-hang my shower curtain for me. It might seem small, but it was that tiny extra touch that just made me go "Wow." Parking is not perfect, but just like everything else about this place, it's better than anywhere I've lived before. I've had to park across the property before - but that's only been on rare occasions where I've gotten home at like 2 or 3 in the morning. The apartment home itself is very comfortable. Carpeting throughout, except for in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry area. All the necessary appliances - fridge, dishwasher, microwave, stove, oven, and washer/dryer. That's great for me, since I'm just barely past the "buying my first couch" stage in life, and have yet to reach a financial level where I own my own large household appliances. Overall, I would absolutely recommend this apartment community. I'm very happy here.

On February 8, 2017

I have lived here for 3 years now and just renewed for another 10 months. You can't beat that location, everything you could ever need is within minutes. The community is nice and I have had no issues with the staff.

On January 30, 2017

My boyfriend and I have been residenta since last November and couldn't be happier. The office and maintance staff have great customer service. Roland and Matthew are awesome!From package pick up to repairs they are quick for responses and actions when needed. As we continue to live here they continously update the property. I have a friend who lives in the Metropolitan apartments up the road and they are uncomparable. She can't wait until her lease is over to move into our complex. The amazimg Cranellis is a plus too lol

On January 2, 2017

Matthew Gallagher was so incredible to help me with my apartment! I needed a first floor with handicap access right outside my door. He found one!

On December 14, 2016

Super Quick Maintenance and Friendly Office Staff. I will be staying another year!

On December 9, 2016

I moved in November of 2015 and recently renewed a lease. Last month I was faced with a medical condition that made it difficult to get up the stairs. Everyone at IMT made sure to get me and my fianc transferred over to a first floor unit quickly. The transfer was smooth and everyone was extremely helpful. The IMT Lone Tree team made a difficult situation much easier, I could not be more impressed.

On October 19, 2016

Love this place, so convenient to local businesses transportation and nightlife. Very friendly residents.

On October 4, 2016

I lived here for 10 months (Oct 2015 - Aug 2016) and I couldn't wait to move out. My master bedroom was cracked when I first moved in and it took three months to repair it. It then cracked a second time within weeks of the replacement and sent three repair requests and they finally looked at it, and then never repaired it. It was frustrating since my bedroom was right next to the busy pathway and pool so every hour of the day and night I heard the metal gate slamming, people at the pool screaming, conversations and fights. Brooke (who was one of the leasing office employees I actually found helpful and respectful) was gone soon after I moved in and the employees were constantly changing so I always had to deal with someone new for every problem. Came home from vacation to a huge leak in the entrance of my apartment and it took more than two weeks to get it fixed so a few times a day I was emptying a pot full of water trying to make sure our dog wasn't drinking out of it. The fire department was here at least once a week for false alarms or small apartment fires but how on Earth does a complex have uncontrolled fires that often? Things needed to be updated in the apartment, fixes were slow, leasing office was frustrating, and the gym and normal leasing office were only open the last month I was there. I liked the maintenance crew, they were very friendly and the only ones who even cared to learn your name. Plus the walls/ceilings were very, very thin. I could hear everyone's conversations in the breezeways from my bedroom, could hear even flip flops walking outside, and upstairs neighbors were a nightmare (had a snowball fight outside my bedroom window and were throwing snowballs at my windows, left broken beer bottles everywhere on the pathway, threw up in our breezeway, and dumped ash from above onto our patio). There is also no parking whatsoever since the employees at the retail shops and the IMT employees all park in our parking lot and took up at least 15 spaces a day, a few times I had to park 4-5 buildings over because they take all the parking. I hated living here, can't think of any reason I would stay. I only moved in here because I worked at a retail shop below and the location worked for me. I should have moved another 100 feet over into the Metropolitan... You live and you learn!

Hello Tasha,

Thank you for your residency at IMT Lone Tree, as well as your feedback. I am happy to hear that the maintenance team made a positive impact, but am sorry to hear that you were unhappy with other aspects of your home.

IMT is always happy to address your concerns and wants all residents to enjoy their home. I apologize if any of your neighbors made it difficult for you to live comfortably. We are always happy to address these issues when brought to our attention.

IMT works to offer quality amenities and we feel that the renovations were a great way to provide added benefit for our residents. I am sorry that you were not able to enjoy the finished product longer. We also have retail locations in the same building as our office. These businesses offer both our residents, and the community great services at a convenient location. We welcome their customers and have parking reserved specifically for them. We work with these businesses to better the community and we do allow the employees to park in the lot during business hours. Since these hours are off peak, many residents are not home and there is extra parking in and around the community.

We also provide full time on-site maintenance as well as a 24 hour emergency service. Any issues that are reported to the team are addressed as quickly as possible. Some maintenance requests can arise that requires a bit more time to ensure the work is done correctly. There are also smoke detectors in the breezeway of every building. These are meant to sound if there is a sign of smoke. This smoke can come from a number of sources. While it does not always indicate an open flame, it is a warning to help ensure safety. If you would like to discuss any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.

Thank you for your feedback,


On September 23, 2016

I have had an exceptional experience with IMT. Mathew was so professional, friendly and efficient throughout the leasing process. After listening to my needs and wants took me to see a couple of options, he knew exactly how the layouts would fit into my lifestyle. He got back to me quickly on my application so I did not have to stress about housing anymore! My new place is everything I could have hoped for and I feel cared about. The customer service is top-notch from the moment you walk into their beautiful office. The amenities are fantastic and accessible! Mathew truly made me feel welcome, and welcome to make this my new home. :) thank you!

On September 3, 2016

I lived here from 2007 to 2010 and really liked it. When we were moving back to Colorado from Florida it was a no-brainer. The prices were good (for Denver!) and the location is great. The only part that I don't like is the lack of parking....but I knew that going in. My leasing agent was Mathew and on my first time in it was only his 4th day here. I was surprised at how knowledgeable he already was about the software and the property and when I had an issue signing into the resident portal he was able to get it fixed quickly. This property is clean, has a great pool, and one of their two workout rooms is pretty unique. They call it 'fitness on demand' and you can pick from over 100 workouts and the video will play right then.

On August 26, 2016

Awesome place to live. We moved in July and the process was quick and easy. Roland was friendly and they made us feel welcomed. I recommend this apartment for anyone who is looking. Also, the apartment was super clean when we moved in. They take care of issues right away.

On June 2, 2016

I moved into this complex on 4/1/16 and have not regretted this decision at all over the last 2 months. The staff in the leasing office have been very helpful in resolving any and all issues the same day I tell them what is going on. The maintenance staff are wonderful as well, always quick to respond and take care of whatever has gone wrong. (Few minor fixes when I first moved in, nothing major) We are walking distance to the light rail station, movies and restaurants. Finally glad to find a place I am proud to call home and not embarrassed to have friends over.

On June 2, 2016

I can not say enough nice things about IMT Lone Tree. I rented the "Edge" apartment for a year. The apartment itself was really spacious and bright, with a lot of windows, but the main reason why I loved IMT so much is Daunne and the rest of the staff. From the beginning, they were very upfront about any fees and other "unpleasant" things (yes, your car will get towed if you don't have a parking pass...), but there were NEVER any surprises and everyone was always really nice and helpful. I changed roommates halfway through my lease and they made the process extremely easy, with no hassle and almost no paperwork. If I wasn't moving in with my boyfriend, I would not think twice about renewing (the rent bump if I renewed would have been only 3%, which is extremely reasonable for the Denver area). I don't think my experience could have been any better and if I ever need an apartment in the future, I'll definitely come back to IMT.

On May 2, 2016

I lived in a three bedroom apartement pointing to Park Meadows Drive.
Very nice view. Quiet and not expensive at that time.
The best Staff I've ever met.

On April 18, 2016

Man I can't say enough about this place. I mean the staff for one is amazing! They have given me a solution to every problem I had so far which are very few. The gym is probably my getaway place to just relieve stress and they have every machine for the perfect workout. The actual apartment itself is very spacious, the tub is huge and I actually fit inside it and take a nice hot bath after a long workout, compared to my last place where none of it was possible. Every restaurant is in this area on top of a nice theater 2 mins away! The Park Meadows Mall is 5 mins away which is awesome as well! I would highly recommend this place to any and everyone searching for a place to call home. I talked to Garrett and Roland when I came and those two gentleman have great customer service skills. I also met all of the ladies in the office also and I can guarantee that any of them would do just as well helping you out when you come visit.

On March 20, 2016

Best conversation with a landlord ever and I am very thankful for the staff! Hoping the gym will be open soon and they fix the parking lot.

On March 19, 2016

Do not move here! Even if they offered to pay my rent I wouldn't live in such a piece of shit complex. If you enjoy driving through your apartment complex and running over 4 feet deep potholes every 4 feet, this complex might be for you. I pay for a gym that has been closed for 5 months with no word on when it will re open. I pay for amenities that are usually broken or closed. Having an amazing pool and hot tub sounds great but when you can't use them over 50% of the time it no longer sounds amazing. Also, you pay for a parking pass, which is typical in complexes but... When you constantly get your car towed and have to pay $300 to get it out of the compound even though you have your pass in the car is absolute bullshit. Which leads me to the management which is honestly the worst management I've ran across. They do nothing with complaints and their idea of fixing things is laughable to say the least. What are you going to do about these potholes? We will probably fix them in the summer but until then we've filled them with rocks. When are you going to fix the gym? We don't have a date but we can offer you a discount at a gym down the road.. No I pay for this gym. Why is there never ever a place to park.. Well were at 100% capacity but if you would like to pay $100 a month for a garage we have those available. I'm not going to pay to park where I live when I already paid for a parking pass that clearly does me no good to have. But if you do like walking you can park at a bar down Yosemite and take a 30 minute walk to your apartment knowing that your car won't be towed. The only reason I would give this place 1 star is for cranellis which deserves 5 stars that restaurant is amazing.

Hello Lauren,

We appreciate your feedback, and we are sorry that you are not completely satisfied with the community at this time. We are pleased to share with you and others that construction is wrapping up and the incredible renovation will soon be complete! We will not only have a brand new fitness center with brand new equipment, but also a fitness on demand studio, an improved cyber café, a resident lounge, and a conference room.

The parking lot repairs will be completed very soon as the contract for the repairs has already been signed. Please keep an eye out for notices and information regarding this work within the coming weeks. Parking at the community is strictly enforced, and a parking permit that we give for free to each apartment must be visible at all times. We only tow vehicles that do not have the parking permit displayed or have been given a warning on other parking violations without taking corrective action. We are provided photographic evidence that we are happy to share of the vehicles towed. If you would like a copy of this information please do not hesitate to ask. There tends to be some open parking spaces on the north or south end of the community.

The seasonal pool will be opening around Memorial day weekend, but you can enjoy the hot tub all year round.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues or any other matter please contact the office.

Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.

Thank you for your feedback!

On March 2, 2016

Living at IMT Lone Tree has been a great experience. The office and maintenance team are all on one accord and very attentive with resident needs.

On March 1, 2016

Amazing community and very awesome staff! Highly Recommended! :)

On February 29, 2016

Staff is the best part of IMT Lone Tree. Both office staff and maintenance staff are helpful, professional, and extremely friendly. I give Lone Tree 5 out of 5 stars!

On February 27, 2016

I have lived here about 5 months and these apartments are beautiful inside and out and conveniently located near many amenities. Those reasons alone are what got me to sign my lease agreement but living on the 1st floor makes me want to break it. I've lived in many apartments in my life all over the country and these have the thinest walls ever. I am constantly woken up by my upstairs neighbors walking. I get that noise comes with apartment living but my overhead light sounding like it's going to fall from my ceiling any day and its light bulb flickering aren't what I signed up for. The maintenance and office staff both are very friendly and respond quickly. If I lived on the third floor I wouldn't have an issue but having to go out and buy ear plugs just so I can sleep isn't ideal , especially when you're paying 1300+ for a one bedroom. If you come home before 6am or after 6pm good luck finding parking anywhere near your apartment, especially on weekends.

Hello Imani B,

We appreciate your feedback, and thrilled that you enjoy your home. We do apologize that you are having issues with your neighbors and the noise heard in your apartment. We would be more than happy to discuss these concerns with you and explore your interest in transferring to an alternative apartment.

If you would like to discuss any of these issues or any other matter please contact the office. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm.

Thank you for your feedback!

On February 24, 2016

I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to Brooke and Patrick of the front office. They are always so nice and attentive to all of my questions and requests. Also, thank you, Nick! You always deliver excellent service! All of my maintenance items are always addressed swiftly and efficiently.

THANK YOU ALL! You're a great team!

Areas of opportunity for IMT Lone Tree Apartments are cleanliness of apt hallways, quality of apt driveways/roads, appearance of entry gate, cleanliness of the mail station and pet droppings. My hope is one day these issues will finally be addressed.

Hello TxBelle2325, Thank you for choosing to call IMT Lone Tree your home. We are very pleased that you enjoy working with our staff members! The team takes great pride in trying to provide excellent customer service, and having wonderful residents such as yourself makes our jobs even easier. We continually strive to improve the community and we will discuss the breezeway cleaning and the grounds with our staff to find ways to get better. There are proposals that have been gathered over the last month with regards to the quality of our roadways/parking lot, and we hope to see some improvements coming soon. If you every have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the office. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm. Thank you for your feedback!

On January 14, 2016

Location is everything when it comes to living in the Denver area and this complex couldn't get much better! It's close to the highways, and the light rail is just a couple blocks away making public transport and city life accessible.

The staff here have been so easy to work with! Everybody from the leasing agent to the manager have worked with me to make sure this was an easy transition. They are very welcoming and the property has a lot to offer! My apartment is AWESOME!

I love the pool and look forward to summertime here!

On December 15, 2015

I can't believe how hard the maintenance guys are working. The snow is crazy today, they are calling for over 10 inches and they have been working since before six. Poor guys. Want to give you a little warm THANK YOU for all you are doing!

On December 9, 2015

Great community and staff, very close to public transportation and shopping, park meadows is within walking distance. Love it!!!

On January 22, 2016

In this area I found IMT Lone Tree to be the best in comparison to the other communities in the area. I loved that every apartment has a patio, garages for rent, and the best customer service. I stopped next door and was not greeted or acknowledged until I approached someone to ask for help. I applied right away and have my next apartment.

On November 15, 2015

Lived here for an year in 2014 when the management moved from Crest to IMT. Finding parking here was a nightmare! And James Cloutier in the leasing center was the most unprofessional leasing agent I ever had to deal with! The apartments were average but couldn't deal with the lack of parking and moved out.

Hi Anil,

We are sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your stay at IMT Lone Tree. The entire staff's focus is on providing excellent customer service, so we are sorry to hear that there was a shortcoming on our end. If you would like to discuss any situation with myself, I will be happy to discuss this with you in person, please just contact the office and ask to speak with the manager. We can understand that parking was a concern during your stay. We have recently completed a new parking permit overhaul, to which, we received positive feedback from our residents about the parking since the implementation. If you every have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the office. Our leasing office is open M-F 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm. Thank you for your feedback!

On October 20, 2015

This property is incredible!

The amenities, units and staff are the best of the best in Lonetree!

Jessica and the entire staff there is so incredibly amazing and such a welcoming people!

The apartments are gorgeous!! Really well made and lovely!

The pool and hot tub are to die for! Waterfall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing!

On February 19, 2015

Great environment! Fresh look - Great Pool area! There's even a wonderful Italian Restaurant w/ a patio that gives you discounts just because you live there!

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