IMT Deerfield Celebrates National Puppy Day with Furkids Rescue Shelter

Did you know that there are over 6.5 million animals enter U.S. shelters every year, and 3.3 million of them are dogs? Every year over 3.2 million animals are adopted, but there are still so many pets looking for forever homes. That is why IMT Deerfield chose to celebrate National Puppy Day by pairing up with Furkids Rescue Dog Shelter to find loving homes for seven rescue puppies. All afternoon, the team had puppies on the property ready to be adopted because the Atlanta shelters are full. The IMT Deerfield team went around to the local businesses and hung flyers inviting the neighborhood to come share this experience and hopefully adopt a homeless puppy. So how did the day go? You’ll just have to read and see for yourself.



Furkids waiting to be adopted


Furkids is Atlanta’s largest cage-free, no-kill shelter for both cats and dogs. They have rescued over 25,000 animals since 2002 and there are approximately 1,000 animals in the program currently. Furkids brought seven puppies that were looking for forever homes to the IMT Deerfield property. Throughout the day, the staff enjoyed watching the different personalities of the puppies and how each of them interacted as people would stop by. The team also invited residents to bring their dogs down for treats and toys while they hoped that the Furkids puppies would be adopted. Several people that stopped by and were intrigued with the idea of fostering a puppy, if they weren’t looking to make a full commitment and adopt.



Furkids adoption booth 


One particular puppy, Roosevelt, was calm and lovable and caught the attention of everyone who stopped by. When it came down to closing time and everything was being packed up, one family stopped by to see if Roosevelt had been adopted. Before making a final decision, they wanted to see if their current dog would get along with Roosevelt before adopting him. Sure enough, Roosevelt won the hearts of the entire family and found his forever home!



Roosevelt finding his forever home


Partnering with Furkids allowed IMT Deerfield to raise awareness of homeless dogs and cats of all ages, shapes and sizes. You can adopt a Furkids animal from their shelters, PetSmart or Petco adoption centers or the 400 foster homes in the Atlanta region. Both children and adults can volunteer their time to the Furkids organization and help provide help to the animals in your area that need help.


Have you adopted a pet from a shelter similar to Furkids? Tell us about your pet and how they found their forever home by commenting below!



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