Irma Hurricane Preparedness Guide

As Hurricane Irma heads towards Florida, we urge all of our residents to follow the government and officials’ advisories and make necessary preparations. We have put together a list of go-to sites with emergency hurricane preparedness information. 



Stay Updated on Hurricane Irma

Follow the National Hurricane Center to keep updated on the storm. Make sure to check the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s website for more updates and key information from the state and local governments. Stay up-to-date with Governor Rick Scott’s Twitter for advisories being sent by the government and officials.



Be Prepared With Your County Information

Each county has a hurricane preparedness guide with information and checklists to help residents within your county: Palm Beach, Seminole, Broward, Pinellas and Hillsborough.



Check Local Contact Information

Look up your emergency county manager contacts and shelter information for your county. You can also find your Florida County Emergency Management websites for more details in your specific county.



Be a Prepared Pet Owner

If you are a pet owner, make sure to check out the Florida pet disaster checklist and plan. Follow the guidelines provided by the Humane Society and check the lodges provided on their site to find a safe place for your pet. You can also monitor the ASPCA’s website and Facebook for more tips and information to best prepare your pet and you.



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