How The “Green The LA River” Project and The Sherman Oaks Project Share A Common Goal


The LA2050  initiative is to encourage the Los Angeles community to visualize the future of Los Angeles. In an effort to collectively help guide $1,000,000 in grants to build the Los Angeles of our dreams, the LA2050 initiative launched an annual LA2050 Grants Challenge. Each project submitted to the LA2050 Grants Challenge must recommend a proposal for  $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000 to make Los Angeles a better place for all Angelinos. 


The Studio City River Greenway was the first LA River landscape project in 2004, and it set the tone for enhancing the Los Angeles River. However, it has not yet reached its full potential— until now. As a submission to the LA 2050 grants challenge, Studio City proposed the “Green Our LA River” project, which aims to create a connection between the people of Studio City and the LA River by transforming the river from a natural barrier to a place to learn about the native plants, engage with neighbors, and connect local businesses that were once separated.  The “Green Our River” project encourages watershed health, climate resilience and connectivity through planning and management efforts, all of which would benefit the local economy and environment of all of Los Angeles and the communities that border the LA River.  Enhanced greenways across the San Fernando Valley and increased bike and pedestrian access will help make the LA River a safe and friendly connection between the communities.




The voting period for the LA 2050 grants challenge ended in October, and on December 6, 2016, ten winning submissions will be chosen to receive their proposed grants. It is Studio City’s hope that their “Green Our LA River” proposal will be chosen as one of the winners.



West of Studio City and on the adjacent north side of the LA River is the IMT Sherman Oaks Project, an upcoming IMT Residential project in Sherman Oaks that, just like the “Green Our LA River” project, also seeks to enhance the San Fernando Valley by embracing the river revitalization project. With a 28,000 square foot green park, bike paths, and landscaped walkways, it will connect the residences of Sherman Oaks with surrounding communities. In addition, native plants will be incorporated to embrace the initiatives set by the plan put forth by the city. By identifying native plants, the management of invasive plant species can be mitigated and create less fire hazards.


If “Green Our LA River” gets the grant in December, both the “Green Our LA River” and the IMT Sherman Oaks Project will link Studio City and Sherman Oaks to the rest of Los Angeles in through supporting the Los Angeles River revitalization project. This type of connection has been a long-term vision for members of the community to enhance those communities and provide a valuable resource to Los Angeles.


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