Five Ways the Uptown Dedicated Bus Lanes Project Will Benefit Uptown Residents

As the fourth largest city in America, Houston is seen as a busting center for 80,000 business professionals without an effective transportation system—until now. The City announced the “Uptown Dedicated Bus Lanes Project” to enhance the city’s public transportation through an efficient bus system. When the project is completed, there will be many benefits for the residents of Uptown, which includes a shorter commute time.  Here are five ways the project will benefit Uptown Houston residents in the future:


  1. More Walkways for Pedestrians: When the project is completed, the sidewalks will be expanded by 12 feet and lush greeneries will line the paths. Ideal for walking with friends or children, the new pathways will be lined with over 800 live oak trees and include new lighting. A walkable community could sprout more outdoor activity and connect residents like never before.


  1. Efficient Bus System: As the 16th largest downtown city in America, Uptown will be able to raise its quality of life for citizens. The bus system will effectively transport employees to their jobs but also encourage more people to walk around the city instead of drive. In addition the new efficient system will connect Uptown to the HOV network.


  1. Cut Your Time in the Car: If the bus isn’t for you, that’s ok. Cars will have their own lanes that are separate from the buses, which should cut your car time down. Three lanes in each direction will keep traffic moving whether you are traveling to work or home.


  1. Beautification of the City: The modernized look for Post Oak Boulevard will seamlessly connect with the renowned Galleria shopping center and the luxury high-rises that line the streets in Uptown. Houston never looked so good—especially since the city is investing in the park system and creating bus stops that are efficient with a modern look.


  1. A Greener City: Houston will become more environmentally friendly with the addition of the 800 live oak trees to the project. Post Oak Boulevard will have seven rows of trees and will provide shade, lower temperatures and absorb more water. The investment in the park system will connect the green spaces throughout the city to the redeveloped transit system.


The daily lives of commuters and residents will significantly improve from the “Uptown Dedicated Bus Lane Project” because quality of life for citizens will expand. When construction is completed, the new Post Oaks Boulevard will make it easier for people to commute to work via public transportation and enhance access to nearby communities and local businesses.


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