Upgrade Your Apartment Organization With These Six Storage Tips

Refresh and recharge with these apartment organization tips that will declutter your home and maximize your apartment space. There are also many physical and mental benefits to staying organized from reduced stress to boosted productivity and gained sleep. Follow the six tips below to reap all the benefits of an organized apartment.


1. Go Vertical:  Utilize vertical space to increase your overall floor space of your apartment interior and make your apartment seem larger. Add tall shelves in the living room to organize books and trinkets or a unique shelf in the bedroom. The vertical shelves will guide your eye upward and make your space seem more open. 


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2. Invest in Storage Furniture: Take a normal piece of furniture and give it a dual purpose. Store some of your essentials in a bench at the foot of your bed or ottoman in the living room. Maximize your space and add more sitting spaces or storage furniture throughout your apartment home.





3. Utilize Under-bed Storage: Buy clear storage boxes to keep purses, boots or larger items underneath your bed. This will declutter your closet space and allow you to have these items in an organized and easily accessible format. Make sure to get the clear bins with wheels to minimize floor damages and increase convenience. 





4. Upgrade Your Beauty Storage: Instead of hiding your blow-dryer or curling iron in a drawer, hang them underneath the sink with these unique hangers for instant apartment organization. Now you can use your drawers for more important storage like towels, makeup or other essentials you need on-hand.


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5. Make the Most of Your Doors: On the back of doors, add Command hooks that can be easily removed with no damage to hang bags or hampers. You can also purchase over the door storage to organize shoes, pantry items or other household items with any hideable door. With less on the ground and in drawers, your apartment home will be more open and enjoyable.


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6. A Home for Every Kitchen Object: Reorganize your kitchen so that every utensil and pot has a specific home. Utilize dividers for your drawers to make your utensils and kitchen more accessible. Add racks under the sick or in other larger drawers to store cleaning supplies that are out of sight. For pots and pans, buy a cabinet organizer or simply creating a storage system based on each drawer. When everything has a place, cooking will be a breeze, and your kitchen will seem cleaner too.


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There are so many places to look for inspiration on apartment organization including our IMT Apartment Organization Tips Pinterest board. To find a multitude of storage items, you can also shop at Target, The Container Store or Bed Bath & Beyond to find the perfect match for you and your IMT apartment home



Do you have any apartment organization tips? Comment below to share with our other IMT communities. 


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