5 Tips To Make Your Rescue Dog The Perfect Dog For Apartment Life

Congratulations! You’ve just added unconditional love to your family by adopting a rescue or shelter dog; now what? Dogs are adaptable creatures, however, depending on their history, moving into an apartment can be a challenging adjustment for them. To help your pup adjust to the new sights and smells, we asked SoCal Golden Retriever Rescue for some helpful tips to make your dog the perfect dog for apartment life. 




  1. Minimize The Time You Leave Them Alone: After you’ve adopted your dog, try to clear out your schedule as much as possible for the first week. During this week, spend an adequate amount of time with your new dog to ensure your new family member becomes acclimated with the new environment, and with you. Bonding is important in any relationship, and nothing is more rewarding than the experience of bonding with a rescue dog. 
  2. Create A Routine: To help your dog get acclimated, create a routine. Having a consistent feeding and walking routine will create a stable environment, which will accelerate the adjustment period. 
  3. Re-Train When it Comes to Barking: Apartment living means having neighbors in close quarters, and although barking is a part of your dog’s expression, you may need to train your dog to minimize excessive barking. To do so, ask a friend to make noise outside. If your dog doesn’t bark, give him a reward. Repeat this tactic until your dog understands that minimal barking is preferred. 
  4. Potty Training is Key: Having a consistent schedule may be your biggest challenge, but try to be as consistent as possible with the potty schedule and re-train your pup with pee pads if necessary.  It is recommended that a dog should urinate 3-5 times a day. If you are not able to maintain this schedule, try hiring a dog walker or sitter to take your dog on a walk or just out to potty. WagWalking and Rover are on-demand services that allow you to get a walker or sitter right from your phone. 
  5. Make the Most of the Weekend: The weekend is a time to bring your dogs on a new adventure. Whether you explore a new part of the city on a walk, go on a hike, binge Netfilx with them, or take them to a dog park— it’s time to have some fun and create some great memories!




At IMT, we are proud to say that we own and operate pet-friendly apartment communities nationwide. Currently, 66% of our IMT residents own a pet. And, in Arizona, we have no breed restrictions!


  1. Make sure you are picking up your poop too!! Plenty of green bags and trash cans to dispose of your dogs waste.

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